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We launched into May with five planets retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Retrograde planets appear to move backwards in the sky from our vantage point on Earth. Mercury refers to how we need to think. Mars refers to how we need to take action. Jupiter refers to our need for expansion and reward. Saturn refers to our need for structure, ambition and necessary controls. Pluto refers to our need for perspective and transformation – like it or not, because with Pluto, resistance is futile. What do all these retrograde planets suggest? Mercury retrograde suggests a higher probability of... Get the full story

April kicks off with the Sun still charging ahead in fiery Aries, bursting with the energy of the new astrological year, which began on March 20th. The intense pace continues through the first full week of the month, then begins to slow down, leading to a much-needed long period of time to absorb and process recent dynamic shifts and challenges. “Hurry up!” may mark the start of April, but by the end of the month, the message is “wait.” Here’s the 411 on April’s most significant planetary patterns: April 5th: a constructive focus can be yours in the days leading... Get the full story

Writing this in the aftermath of a potent New Moon in Pisces on March 8th, which was also a total solar eclipse. How was it different from other New Moons? I’ll tell you. A Solar Eclipse can act like a bottleneck of energy. Light flowing from the Sun is temporarily interrupted by the Moon, focusing attention on that interrupted point. Wherever that point falls in your horoscope, something new — and possibly fragile — may enter the picture and grow over the next several months. And here I would be thinking of Michael, the kindhearted policeman in the storybook Make... Get the full story

  I recently gave a little talk about how to use astrology for success in relationships; with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how can I not share these tips with you? You can use astrology to… Understand who you are and how you need to be in order to be happy.  How can a relationship bring you joy if you are not happy with yourself? First things first! Astrology can instantly identify what you need in order to feel fulfilled. It’s a validation that is often extremely empowering. Understand your relationship with your parents. It’s amazing how many people... Get the full story

In my previous article we met Aries, the headstrong initiator and leader.  As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a real fire-starter!  They get things done, they are bold, brave, confident and impatient to get things going.  As we move through the zodiac we will see how the signs relate to one another, subsequent signs demonstrate the traits that it’s predecessor lacked.  In this case Taurus demonstrates the qualities that Aries lacked!  What Aries begins, Taurus maintains. Taurus is calm, contented and relaxed.  You will usually find them outside in the field soaking up the beauty of nature,... Get the full story

Happy New Year! If you were thinking that 2016 would start softly, easing you back into your work routine after a festive and relaxing holiday week, think again. Planetary patterns in the first week of January conjure up two words: hot mess – for better or for worse. January 5th through January 7th may be especially dynamic days for travel and communication snafus and technological glitches. Highly charged confrontations are also likely, particularly if you were born at the beginning of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo…or if you were born halfway through Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer. These may be... Get the full story

What a buzz we have starting off this month of holiday celebration. The further we get into December, the more intensely we are likely to feel it, and for some it may be experienced in the extreme. Fortunately, if you’re reading this post now, you will soon understand the planetary patterns behind this uptick in supercharged energy. While others may be carried away, you will be able to use your awareness of astrology to CHOOSE how to respond. So let’s talk about this big buzz and when we’ve seen it before. I’m guessing that most of you reading this were... Get the full story

Just to explain quickly, astrology isn’t prescriptive.  Every single chart is basically a photo taken of the sky at your precise location and time of birth.  Super precise!  There are no duplicates.  There are similarities, but each person is unique  even though we are all essentially made up of the same things and we are all here to love and learn; we do it in our individual way. Think of it like this, the planets are instruments, their position in the sky is their tune and the way you direct that influence live through you is how you choose to... Get the full story

A wise astrologer was once asked by a reporter, “Why do you believe in astrology?” “I don’t believe in astrology,” the wise astrologer replied. There was an uncomfortable pause, as that wasn’t the response the startled reporter expected. “Astrology isn’t something to believe in,” the wise astrologer continued. “It is something to know about”. The reporter wasn’t expecting that response, either. Are you surprised, too? How much do you really know about astrology? Before I jump into this month’s forecast, I thought it would be helpful to lay down a foundation of knowledge about what astrology is and isn’t, and... Get the full story

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