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SERENE has created a whole summer of programming in Montauk in partnership with One Roof and The Surf Lodge. Whether its hanging out by the pool/beach and catching some yoga, getting some work done in our co-working space or booking an appointment with one of our incredible well-being practitioners..Summer 2016 is waiting for you in Montauk. One Roof and SERENE have partnered to create an industry first co-working and wellness concept at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. Let’s change the conversation around how we work. IT’S NO LONGER ABOUT 9AM-9PM UNDER FLOURESCENT LIGHTS WITHOUT A BREAK FOR LUNCH. Imagine taking... Get the full story

“May you respond to the call of your gift, and find the courage to follow its path” – John O’Donohue Picture this… You’re getting off a plane in Marrakesh, Morocco, being collected by a 4×4 jeep, leaving behind the hustle and bustle, not only of your own city, but also one of Morocco’s largest tourist destinations and heading far into the desert in the knowledge that there is no more contact by mobile phone or internet for six days and five nights. Entering the Atlas Mountains, the home of the Berber Nomad Tribe, a huge vista with breathtaking scenery faces... Get the full story

I can’t wait to fly to Moscow today to attend an opening. I hit my snooze button at 5:00 am and managed to leave myself just enough time to skip the shower and run to the airport—hair in braid, hot latte in hand. Air travel is always a rush and a strain on the system but Millana and I both know that it is important to arrive to business meetings, shoots and events looking and feeling our best. TIP 1:  WEEK BEFORE TRAVELING: BE HEALTHY! Eat well and drink a lot of water and try to do something active more... Get the full story

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