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Every Sunday in Spain it amazes me and warms my heart to see families and friends gather inside or out, enjoying each other’s company, and actually sitting down to have a meal together. This week I share my experience of the European notion “Switch off Sundays” and how this S.O.S. has been life-changing for me, my family and can be for you too. “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a... Get the full story

Grief doesn’t flow in a linear manner, nor does it pre-warn you. No, grief hits you in the face like nothing else, and you can’t hide from it. It can come unexpectedly, anywhere and at any moment and when it does you cannot hold it in. It has only been two weeks since my mother passed away, and I missing her more and more every single day. In the beginning I was just a bystander in a safe bubble. I watched people cry and wasn’t fully aware of what was going on. But now, the painful realisation that my mama... Get the full story

After visiting the Vegfest in Brighton last weekend and being part of several Vegan forums, I really would like to share the need for a new concept: Ecocentrism. Many of the people who become vegan do so for the animals; they decide to pursue a route of kindness and avoid cruelty against other living beings. I really could not agree more, even though I became vegan for health reasons, that really did open my eyes to the need for kindness and the reality that living beings do die, for human’s taste buds (not survival). But for many vegans, the connection... Get the full story

For some of us, it’s pretty cold outside, and for many that means a wet nose or a winter bug from time to time. To ward off winter colds naturally we turned to holistic health practitioner Michelle Mitchum of The Orange Moon to give us some insight in what to try before heading to the drug store or making a doctor’s appointment, and she shared a few nuggets with us:  “If you find that you are having  little head congestion, before you run to your doctor to have him/her prescribe a decongestant, or before you go to the drug store... Get the full story

We are a sleep deprived species. In the UK the prevalence of insomnia is 37%, according to a study published recently. But insomnia and sleep deprivation not only result in the obvious tiredness and irritability; it’s also linked with increased rates of depression, anxiety and even pain. My hypnotherapy practise is full of women with this problem. But what is at the root of all this sleeplessness? Issues I see coming up time and again are of stress, a need to try to be ‘perfect’, an inability to switch off and make time to relax, excessive pressure and worry. Does... Get the full story

Raise your hand if you have more things you need to do than the capacity to even remember them all. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever felt so overwhelmed it made you sad, because you really want to do everything, and you want to do it well, but there isn’t enough time. You are not alone. I think you have a case of what I like to call “being a woman.” The defining characteristic is not the emotional reaction—although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, the adjective is used as an insult when it’s the farthest thing from... Get the full story

Have you felt cranky, tired, screamed at your nearest and dearest or become teary without any reason over the last couple of weeks, often for reasons that you cannot explain? Do you find yourself fully aware that you are not able to be the best version of yourself and that even if you really set your mind to it you can’t quite snap out of it? I realised when speaking to other women that they had similar feelings and just assumed they were grumpy for no reason. Nowadays, according to founder and medical director of the UltraWellness Center Dr. Mark... Get the full story

One of the first things I did when I began my spiritual healing journey was go to Buddhist meditation classes at the Kadampa Center here in New York City. It was a life-changing step. I went regularly for about 6 months, each time feeling another weight lifted from my shoulders. I gained so much clarity around what was happening in my life and why. My anger, sadness and hopelessness subsided with each passing week, and for once I began to feel in control of my life. What’s interesting about control is that we so often feel like we’re not in... Get the full story

  There is a depth in the uncomfortable moments of our lives that when acknowledged they allows us to see where we are now and where we desire to go. The tools of transformation are within us all. So, what if we decided to allow these uncomfortable moments, feelings, experiences to flow from us with ease, in an environment that is dedicated to fostering peace, inner-beauty and growth? Sacred Space NY founder Shelley Lewis shares with us her story on how this sacred oasis/ unique healing pod in the New York City came to be.  Ssanyu Birigwa talks with Shelley Lewis... Get the full story

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