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Our bodies are in a rhythm that mirrors Nature and during summer our vital force or Qi has been expansive, this yang energy moving outward and upward has been dominant. As summer draws towards a close, Autumn Equinox is under a month away these grounding and nourishing energies help us ground that expansive yang energy of the summer down and inward towards a more yin and nurturing time. Before we reach autumn, however, we are in a period where we are in our highest yang, the heavenly fire in our heart centre and our middle dan tien (energy centre) are... Get the full story

Many of us are committed to caring about what we put into our bodies because we care about our health and our future wellbeing, but it surprises me to see how many do not care about the quality of what we put ON our bodies. Although you might not think of skin as an organ, it is in fact the body’s largest. It acts not only as a protective barrier, but it also connects us to the outside world, which means it absorbs a lot of what you put on it. Not convinced? Think nicotine and birth control patches! According... Get the full story

As a mom of a small child and with limited time, what kind of 5-minute beauty routine would you recommend? I’d love to look polished and have a punch of color now and then, without the time commitment and having to dig through too many products. This is a question I get from so many of my makeup clients—we are all very busy women and want to look polished in a pinch! You actually don’t need a lot of time, or products, to go from barefaced to beautified. A few minutes in the mirror with the right tools can make... Get the full story

What are the best mists for a daily pick-me-up? Funny you should ask! Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with misting myself with all kinds of flower essence/crystal/energy infused water. My boyfriend finds it quite amusing when I spritz myself (and surrounding area) throughout the day—when I wake up in the morning, before I leave the house and while working on my computer. I believe my favorite mists have many magical powers. They can help you relax, boost your energy, transform your mood and last but not least, they beautify and hydrate your skin! There are so many wonderful mists... Get the full story

It is getting cold and dry outside, and inside of my place, and my skin and hair are showing it. In fact many times at the change of seasons people can break out or have certain autoimmune disorders flare up. Well, I have many secrets to combat these change of season blues, but one is a stand out to the rest! First, I have to share a few of my other secrets to beautiful, healthy skin, hair, and body in general during the colder and dryer winter months. Wherever you live this is applicable, but if you live n the... Get the full story

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