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Firstly, choose your seaweed carefully. Not all seaweeds are created equal and some are far more delicious and easy to cook than others - like Dulse, Sea Spaghetti and Wakame. Secondly always go for a reputable brand, ideally organically certified. Thirdly, experiment! Seaweeds all have wonderful savoury flavour-enhancing properties so taste good with pretty much everything (savoury at least, although toasted Dulse also tastes excellent with chocolate). Dulse crisps - an easy win Great for a dinner party nibble and for crunching over eggs. - Heat up a dry frying pan till it’s very hot. Lay Dulse leaves in the... Get the full story

Seaweed has come a long way. A really long way in fact, as it is one of the most ancient forms of life on earth. More recently, seaweed has gone from a much ignored beach nuisance to the tables of top restaurants around the world to take its’ place as a prized vegetable and rich source of nutrients. Here’s why should you include seaweed in your daily diet.   Reason 1: (the big one first) seaweeds are incredibly good for you. They contain every nutrient you need to live, from Vitamin C to Omega 3 which make them super all-round... Get the full story

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