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A couple of years ago the concept of going on a juice cleanse still occurred to me as unnecessary and silly. I didn’t see the point in depriving myself of delicious food and shocking my body just to look slim for a couple of days and then to put on the weight just as quickly again. It wasn’t until my friend persuaded me to do join her on a juice cleanse for moral support that I came to realize that I was wrong all along. I agreed to do it to as I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give my... Get the full story

  There is a depth in the uncomfortable moments of our lives that when acknowledged they allows us to see where we are now and where we desire to go. The tools of transformation are within us all. So, what if we decided to allow these uncomfortable moments, feelings, experiences to flow from us with ease, in an environment that is dedicated to fostering peace, inner-beauty and growth? Sacred Space NY founder Shelley Lewis shares with us her story on how this sacred oasis/ unique healing pod in the New York City came to be.  Ssanyu Birigwa talks with Shelley Lewis... Get the full story

I have been saying this to myself for the last month or so. Especially when I get that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach—the feeling is so present I often don’t know what to do with myself. What has helped me process these feelings is taking a moment for deep reflection. To observe what I am feeling and allow it to flow. This is major time of transition for many of us. The Spring Equinox has sprung. The energy around us is changing and literally calling for us to change too; to bend and be flexible with the... Get the full story

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