Spirulina? Chlorella? Tocos? Anandamide? Reishi? No these are not the names of exotic islands. They are the names of some incredible powdered power foods that are on the rise.  Power food powders and supplements are all the rage these days, and no wonder. They are an incredible way to get nutrients quickly into your system. But it can be really difficult to incorporate these somewhat puzzling substances into your daily routine if you aren’t used to them. Last year there was an article written about a certain wellness guru’s eating regimen that gained a huge amount of bad press because everything she ate the day she was profiled was not only obscure but extremely expensive. It can seem really difficult to create a routine that includes these foods that you may have never heard of until this post.



According to Wellness Mama; “Spirulina is a natural “algae” (cyanbacteria) powder that is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants, B-vitamins and other nutrients. When harvested correctly from non-contaminated ponds and bodies of water, it is one of the most potent nutrient sources available. It is largely made up of protein and essential amino acids, and is typically recommended to vegetarians for its high natural iron content. It is often touted for its high B-12 content, though there is a lot of debate about if this particular form is a complete and absorbable form of B-12…”

How to use day-to-day: Millana likes to add Spirulina to popcorn to soups and smoothies - sprinkling this healthy green powder is a great way to add more complex greens to your diet!

Where to get it: Millana recommends you try: Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina. Other options are Sunpotion or Whole Foods (or your local natural market)



Chlorella is another blue-green algae like Spirulina but has even higher nutrient levels and studies have shown that it has the ability to detoxify the body of heavy metals and other toxins that can be damaging to our health.

1-ounce (3 tbsp) serving of chlorella contains:

  • Protein—16g
  • Vitamin A—287% RDA
  • Vitamin B2—71% RDA
  • Vitamin B3—33% RDA
  • Iron—202% RDA
  • Magnesium—22% RDA
  • Zinc—133% RDA

Among many other health benefits - such as weight loss, body odor control and faster healing time - the Global Healing Center also cites a study that seems to prove it also helps to protect DNA against toxins found in fried food. “In one study, participants who ate fried foods coupled with protective foods, including chlorophyll, were observed to have less DNA damage of colon cells.”

How to use day-to-day: This one is easy to incorporate into a morning routine because all you need is some water. Just mix some Chlorella and take as a shot. Millana likes to take it with an eye dropper and Tegan likes to squeeze some lemon into the water to create a green lemonade shot.

Where to get it: Sunpotion or Whole Foods (or your local natural market)



This is one of our new favorites. It is the bright beautiful yellow spice that you might have been using in your cooking already, but we are here to tell you that right there in your spices cabinet is your new favorite drink ingredient and superfood supplement. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. Be careful about getting it on your clothing - it stains even your skin!

How to use day-to-day: The best way to incorporate Turmeric into your daily routine is to make a turmeric shot or a turmeric latte. Tegan’s favorite drink is a turmeric latte that is so simple to make: simply place a teaspoon of turmeric into the bottom of a mug, crack some fresh black pepper onto the turmeric, drizzle a teaspoon or tablespoon of honey on top of that and pour 3/4 of the mug full with boiling water. Top with some almond milk from someplace like The Pressery for an amazing latte.

Where to get it: Our very very favorite place to get turmeric products like pre-made turmeric lattes and Golden Mylk from Wunder Workshop. You can find turmeric by itself in your local grocery, we recommend organic.


Reishi and Tocos Coffee

Reishi is a gorgeous mushroom powder and tocos is rice bran solubles. Reishi is a great immunity booster - awesome for a daily supplement to add to your morning coffee. Tocos is incredible for digestion and tastes absolutely delicious. It will be your new coffee creamer!

How to use day-to-day:  Tegan likes to make her normal morning coffee and sprinkle in one teaspoon each of reishi and tocos instead of using coffee creamer or milk. The great thing about adding these superfoods to your morning coffee is that they will be incorporated into your diet every day!

Where to get it: Sunpotion or Whole Foods (or your local natural market)


There are so many great super food powders to try… but these are a great start!


Love, Tegan Bukowski and Millana Snow

Co-Founders, SERENE


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