I recently gave a little talk about how to use astrology for success in relationships; with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, how can I not share these tips with you?

You can use astrology to…

Understand who you are and how you need to be in order to be happy.  How can a relationship bring you joy if you are not happy with yourself? First things first! Astrology can instantly identify what you need in order to feel fulfilled. It’s a validation that is often extremely empowering.

Understand your relationship with your parents. It’s amazing how many people leave home and start dating someone who relates to them the way one of their parents does! A skilled astrologer can spot that a mile away.

Anticipate when you are more likely to attract a serious partner. Plenty of clients in my files met their significant other exactly when it was suggested in the horoscopes. When my client Koko met Mike, they knew they wanted to be together. But Mike lived in another part of the country. Would Koko move to be with him? Astrology streamlined their decision process. A move wasn’t suggested in Koko’s horoscope; however, it was suggested in Mike’s. So he moved to be with her. What a relief!

You can also use astrology to…

Understand what others need in a relationship (and give it to them). Just knowing what their Moon sign is will help you get along with others better – in friendship, the workplace, your family, and in love. Where’s your Moon?

Understand why you are attracted to someone – and if that attraction has staying power. This applies to relationships of any kind. In 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio optioned the rights to a biography about Woodrow Wilson. Why in the world would he want to portray Woodrow Wilson in a film?  When you look at their horoscopes, we see lots of planetary contacts. To the trained astrologer, it’s obvious why DiCaprio would be drawn to Wilson!

Get clarity on a burning question about your relationship (or any other issue). A client had a spat with a new beau. She wanted to know if the relationship was worth saving. We ran a chart for the moment she asked the question. The chart clearly showed that the relationship was NOT worth the effort. My client was smart. She moved on quickly. She is now seeing someone else – happily!

Astrology is not something to believe in. It is something to know about. Be a smart SERENE Woman and use this powerful tool for guidance in your life.

And now, the forecast for February…

If you’re reading this after February 9th, congratulations.  You survived the most intense planetary weather of the month. What just happened, you might ask. I’ll tell you!

In the first week of February  – and especially on the 5th and 6th – Venus, planet of love, money, women and aesthetics was super-charged by two cosmic heavies: Pluto and Uranus. What did that suggest? How about an opportunity to blast through social norms and consider an attraction outside your usual box — or set yourself free from an attraction that was binding you. How about an urgent need to cut to the chase in relationships and finally face the truth?

Not only that, but Mars, planet of action and yang energy, has been steaming through sexy Scorpio since January 4th. On the 6th it challenged the Sun, suggesting a need for a physical release, for better or for worse. Yes, there was a silver lining. On the 6th, we had an easy connection between Mars and Venus, suggesting an easy flow of communication, no matter what kinks you needed to work out.  At the end of the day, what did you learn about the State of Your Union?

On February 8th, the New Moon in Aquarius began at 9:39AM ET. It’s not too late to light a candle and make a list of fresh intentions for the new lunar cycle.  Around February 15th, on the First Quarter Moon, expect a challenge to goals set,  with appropriate adjustments made. On the Full Moon on the 22nd, expect illumination on our success or failure.  If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of what did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on March 1st, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon cycle on March 8th (which will also be an eclipse, FYI).

Aquarius is an airy (mental), fixed (organizing) energy. Whereas Leo, its opposing sign, is concerned with personal creative expression and recognition, Aquarius needs to focus on the expression needs of a particular group or group consciousness. Who’s yer bestie? Aquarius, for sure. They love you, but don’t take it personally.

Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it.

The chart for this New Moon features Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius,  in a cooperative connection with the Sun and Moon. We also see Saturn (the old guard) in alignment with Uranus (the avant garde). Ideas that attempt to re-invent the wheel are strongly suggested this month, and that applies in your own personal world, too. If you did your homework during last month’s Mercury retrograde, these revolutionary thoughts likely emerged as a result of your careful review.

You are more personally affected by the potential of the New Moon if you were born 20 days into the signs of  Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. Don’t know where your planets are? Consider scheduling a personal consultation – or order an Astro-Basics Report, which you can find on my website.

Meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to know that the Moon will be in comfort-seeking Taurus over most of Valentine’s Day weekend. If you’ve got a sweetie, a snuggle is likely in store. If you’re fabulously single, a Taurus Moon is only too happy to indulge in other sensual pleasures. Spa day, anyone?

On February 13th, Mercury will enter Aquarius. This is significant because the Messenger Planet will have returned to the place in the zodiac at which it turned retrograde on January 5th, officially completing the first of four Mercury retrograde review periods of 2016.

On Feburary 16th, Venus enters Aquarius, shifting the tone of social exchanges from the status-seeking need of Capricorn to a more friendly vibe.

On February 19th, the Sun enters Pisces. Happy birthday to your favorite fish! Pisces is a sensitive, intuitive energy that at its best, expresses compassion and loving kindness for everyone and everything, in its understanding that we are all One.  Being such a sensitive soul is not always easy. Pisces has been known to wallow in suffering and/or escapes life’s hard knocks, drowning its sorrows in any rose-colored glass it can find. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a dreamy energy that can be challenging to integrate, but oh what sublime creative visions it can bring to life.

Famous Pisces include Kurt Cobain, Drew Barrymore, George Harrison, Dr. Seuss and Albert Einstein. All sensitive and sublime, in their own magical way.

February ends with meet-up between the Sun and Neptune – exact on February 28th. Under such a dreamy pattern, it’s hard to imagine how March could possibly come in like a lion. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Any questions? I would be delighted to answer all in a personal consultation. We will have a fine discussion together.


Elisabeth Grace


Love, Elisabeth Grace

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Now Elisabeth is a certified professional astrologer, consulting with clients all over the world. She has presented talks in New York and Tokyo, and would be delighted to talk to you. Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding why you are the way you are, and why things happen when they do.

Because of her work in news, Elisabeth noticed an uncanny synchronicity between planetary patterns and what we see in the headlines. She shares her insights in a daily astrological forecast posted on Grace Astrology.

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