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  Happy Thursday! Today I want to share some very valuable SUPER JUICES with you! They are really super foods, but if we consume in the form of juice, we can get way more vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form from them. I have personally done a lot of research on these as I have been juicing for over 15 years. I also am a pharmacist, (for some of you that are not aware). I believe that western medicine definitely has it’s place, however, I am passionate about finding the natural ways to cure and prevent disease through nature’s foods! Healing... Get the full story

So what is ‘Raw Food’? Plant based foods are considered raw when they have not been heated above 42 degrees, meaning they are still high in their enzyme content and vibrational energy. By eating these foods we are nourishing our bodies, minds and souls and there is no conversion of nutrients required by our complex and clever digestive systems. The body is simply able to absorb everything it needs and requires, to function fully and completely, Magic!! A raw food or plant-based diet will consist predominantly of greens- including dark green leafy vegetables and sea greens like nori, wakame and... Get the full story

I collaborated with my friend Megan of Healthy Grocery Girl to hook you up with not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4 or 5, but 6 easy vegan snack recipes!!! Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to decide what you should be snacking on to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Those 100 calorie snack packs are a joke, and that bag of tortilla chips presents far too much temptation, especially once there’s guacamole involved…or sweet potato hummus. Oh damn! That stuff will guarantee an empty bag within the hour, without a crumb to be found. Megan, a vegan... Get the full story

It is getting cold and dry outside, and inside of my place, and my skin and hair are showing it. In fact many times at the change of seasons people can break out or have certain autoimmune disorders flare up. Well, I have many secrets to combat these change of season blues, but one is a stand out to the rest! First, I have to share a few of my other secrets to beautiful, healthy skin, hair, and body in general during the colder and dryer winter months. Wherever you live this is applicable, but if you live n the... Get the full story

I’m in the kitchen a lot. When I’m cooking for my clients I stand over a cutting board and hot stove for at least 4 hours, and I love it! For me cooking is a creative outlet. It’s also meditative, and challenging. I also love it because, when I want to, I can multitask. For years I’ve listened to hours of podcasts while cooking. I’d catch up on everything from world news to inspiration from entrepreneurship thought leaders. Then, I met JJ Dancer. JJ, née Jennifer Johnson, is an amazingly talented dancer, celebrity fitness trainer, and vegan fitness wonder woman!... Get the full story

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