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Cultivate prosperity on the Island of the Gods through an artfully designed week of nourishment in Bali. Top New York/LA yoga instructor Fern Olivia Langham and holistic health practitioner Sarah Anne Stewart have partnered with leading wellness travel company Pravassa to lead a small group as we gather to celebrate NYEPI, Balinese New Year, with local cultural rituals - including a village parade culminating in a day of complete silence.   Through a unique chakra-balancing yoga practice infused with Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, breath-work and meditation, you will be guided through creative sequences to release any blockages you have been experiencing. You will also be introduced to the... Get the full story

For some of us, it’s pretty cold outside, and for many that means a wet nose or a winter bug from time to time. To ward off winter colds naturally we turned to holistic health practitioner Michelle Mitchum of The Orange Moon to give us some insight in what to try before heading to the drug store or making a doctor’s appointment, and she shared a few nuggets with us:  “If you find that you are having  little head congestion, before you run to your doctor to have him/her prescribe a decongestant, or before you go to the drug store... Get the full story

A couple of years ago the concept of going on a juice cleanse still occurred to me as unnecessary and silly. I didn’t see the point in depriving myself of delicious food and shocking my body just to look slim for a couple of days and then to put on the weight just as quickly again. It wasn’t until my friend persuaded me to do join her on a juice cleanse for moral support that I came to realize that I was wrong all along. I agreed to do it to as I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give my... Get the full story

This season was pretty awful when it comes to allergies, especially in New York, an unsuspecting danger zone, considering its relatively little greenery. I got lucky — I started taking daily doses of two OTC medications due to an entirely separate allergic reaction before allergy season commenced, so I was inadvertently protected. After a while, though, I noticed I was sneezing, experiencing itchy eyes, and sniffling like the rest of NYC’s humanity. Had the meds worn off? Since I generally prefer to avoid taking any kind of medication, and the medication I was taking was apparently ineffective anyway, I sought out... Get the full story

This might sound like a shameless plug for SERENE considering I’m the lead for the New York Office, but I love SERENE Social. Do you ever see or observe a group of people and long to be a part of them? Not for any of the benefits you might receive from being connected to them, but just because they have each other, because you want to belong. I might have always felt that way, I might still feel that way at times as well, but never with SERENE. There’s no “you can’t sit with us” vibe or exclusivity about us.... Get the full story

Valerie Oula is a kundalini yoga teacher, candle maker, reiki master teacher, and all around beautiful soul. The beauty in knowing/taking one of her classes is her no-nonsense, to-the-point wisdom. Her transparency invites you to really open up, and from there you gain so much. Last Sunday evening, after class at the Broome, we sat down with Valerie to learn more about the woman who leads our weekly Kundalini yoga class. How do you express ​yourself ​authentically? For me it’s been a natural progression​,​ it​’s​ a​ ​part of the wo​rk​ that I’ve had to do with myself. To really come into alignment... Get the full story

I collaborated with my friend Megan of Healthy Grocery Girl to hook you up with not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4 or 5, but 6 easy vegan snack recipes!!! Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to decide what you should be snacking on to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Those 100 calorie snack packs are a joke, and that bag of tortilla chips presents far too much temptation, especially once there’s guacamole involved…or sweet potato hummus. Oh damn! That stuff will guarantee an empty bag within the hour, without a crumb to be found. Megan, a vegan... Get the full story

Psst! Guess what! I really really love sweet potatoes! Oh yeah, big secret, right?! Even after 5 and a half years of having a blog called Sweet Potato Soul, they are still my favorite food. I mean, how could I ever stop loving them? Can’t stop, won’t stop. Sweet Potatoes are healthy, filling, delicious, and incredibly versatile! I find ways to use them all year round, and for every single meal of the day (dessert and snack included). Check out the video below to see a handful of my favorite ways to use these gorgeous tubers! Recipes are, of course,... Get the full story

  There is a depth in the uncomfortable moments of our lives that when acknowledged they allows us to see where we are now and where we desire to go. The tools of transformation are within us all. So, what if we decided to allow these uncomfortable moments, feelings, experiences to flow from us with ease, in an environment that is dedicated to fostering peace, inner-beauty and growth? Sacred Space NY founder Shelley Lewis shares with us her story on how this sacred oasis/ unique healing pod in the New York City came to be.  Ssanyu Birigwa talks with Shelley Lewis... Get the full story

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