We launched into May with five planets retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Retrograde planets appear to move backwards in the sky from our vantage point on Earth. Mercury refers to how we need to think. Mars refers to how we need to take action. Jupiter refers to our need for expansion and reward. Saturn refers to our need for structure, ambition and necessary controls. Pluto refers to our need for perspective and transformation – like it or not, because with Pluto, resistance is futile.

What do all these retrograde planets suggest?

Mercury retrograde suggests a higher probability of delays and misunderstandings; communication and tech snafus. Why else would Delta Airlines have texted me a boarding pass for a flight to Boston from New York last week that belonged to someone else? I hadn’t even bought a ticket!

Mars retrograde suggests a higher potential for frustration when the external world doesn’t move as fast as we would like. Acting impulsively out of frustration when Mars is retrograde often backfires. Look what happened to former U.S. Presidential candidate Ted Cruz this month. Frustrated by his inability to win big in a never-ending primary season, he impulsively formed an alliance with former rival Carly Fiorina, naming her his running mate in his quest to win the White House. Nine days later, their sudden alliance was rejected by voters in the Indiana primary, and just like that – Cruz quit.

Meanwhile, in the world of mere mortals, I consoled a friend whose impulsive hook-up with a new romantic prospect was more fizzle than fireworks. I suggested he proceed with less abandon in his conquests – at least until June 30th, when Mars will turn direct. Don’t let this happen to you!

How can you make the most of this month? Slow down. Tune in. Be patient. Roll with delays. Research your plan. Revise your strategy. Focus on what you wish to build that will support your material comfort and security. What will bring you the most enjoyment? You’ll understand why I say this in the next paragraph.

The first three weeks of May are dominated by a potent New Moon in Taurus, which was exact on May 6th at 3:29PM ET. It featured a pattern called a Grand Trine among the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, Venus, Mercury and of course, the Moon. These six planets were all in Earth Signs, and their Grand Trine together suggests an aura of material self-sufficiency. If you have a Grand Trine in your unique horoscope, others may see you as remarkably adept at getting what you need, in ways that may seem lucky or even above the law.

May 9th was significant because of a rare event called a Transit of Mercury. It only happens a dozen or so times each century. Google “transit of Mercury” and you’ll see photos of Mercury looking like a little beauty mark traveling across the face of the Sun. This planetary meet-up happened in Taurus. Astro-logically, we can expect significant information (Mercury) to soon come to light (the Sun) in Taurus-ruled concerns: money, food, art and other material goods we need for comfort and security.

Also on May 9th: Jupiter turned direct, suggesting that plans for expansion which had been held back since January 7th (when Jupiter turned retrograde), may now move forward. If you have a planet around 13 degrees of Virgo, you may be receiving lovely opportunities and rewards this month. Consult your local astrologer for details.

On May 20th, the Sun leaves Taurus for pixie chatterbox Gemini. The keywords for Gemini are “I think.” Geminis are known for their curiosity, diverse interests and their amazing ability to spread the word. Multitasking is their specialty.

On May 21st, emotions are likely to be on the rise, along with a Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact at 5:14PM ET. A Gemini Sun opposing a Sagittarius Moon suggests a tension between factual information and collective beliefs. Tempers may flare, as the Sun is also opposed by aggressive Mars. If you were born in the first few days of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo, you may be feeling the edge more than most.

On May 22nd, keeping the facts in order may be challenging as Mercury turns direct at 9:20AM ET. We may need a few days to get used to our minds symbolically moving forward again. A lack of clarity in communication may be a factor in any volatile fallout of the Full Moon.

On May 24th, Venus enters Gemini at 5:45AM ET and also opposes Mars at 10:38PM ET. This is a night when sparks may fly – for better or for worse – especially between men and women.

On May 26th, Jupiter is challenged by Saturn at 8:28AM ET. This is the third in a series of challenges that started last fall. Jupiter refers to expansion. Saturn refers to control. Both planets refer to business and law. Watch the headlines for important shifts in these areas. In your own personal world, if you were born halfway through Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces or Gemini, you may have been feeling like an accordion over the past few months – expanding on the one hand (thanks to Jupiter), and feeling a need to downsize on the other (thanks to Saturn).

On May 27th, Mars moves backwards into Scorpio, where its ruthless drive functions with great efficiency. Ah, but Mars is retrograde, right? So ruthless initiatives may backfire! But since most people do not heed the guidance provided by planetary patterns, we will likely see some particularly intense conflicts in the news – but hopefully not in your own personal world. Stay serene!

The month of May ends as it began….on a dreamy influence from Neptune, which refers to illusion and delusion. The New Moon in Gemini that happens on June 4th is a complex mix of real and surreal…big time. Those born halfway through Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo – yes, you again – are likely to be more personally affected. Perhaps you’d like to discuss it in a personal consultation?

To be continued…

Elisabeth Grace

Contributor, SERENE Social


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Now Elisabeth is a certified professional astrologer, consulting with clients all over the world. She has presented talks in New York and Tokyo, and would be delighted to talk to you. Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding why you are the way you are, and why things happen when they do.

Because of her work in news, Elisabeth noticed an uncanny synchronicity between planetary patterns and what we see in the headlines. She shares her insights in a daily astrological forecast posted on Grace Astrology.

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