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The past week has seen multiple energetic movements in nature. These are energies that have the potential to positively influence us so that we can realize our inner dreams and consciously manifest them into our lives. There are a growing number of people that are tuning in, but with the backdrop of continuous grey noise around a society that is run by fear it becomes harder to take time out and listen. The autumn equinox naturally brought about a moment of stillness when the energetic vortexes between the summer and autumn changed direction. It was a moment of stillness, a... Get the full story

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful September morning to end London Fashion week and our rooftop yoga season on a high. With unseasonably warm weather (even if there were some lingering puddles, we are ok with it because London just wanted to remind us exactly where we were, and we love you London), we kitted up and blissed out on the sunny rooftop of the Hotel Megaro at Kings Cross . We co-hosted the event with ClassPass, and our London Lead Tegan led a  Vinyasa flow class focused on opening the heart.  At 8:20, during the class, we celebrated the Autumnal... Get the full story

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