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Some say that our herbalists and natural dyers were once our witches…The women who knew the power and healing qualities of the plants and minerals around us; how to derive and use these attributes for medicinal, nutritional or ritualistic value and seek their way through the forests and wildernesses to find a certain plant. Some people believe that they also discovered the color potential in some plant varieties. When they brewed their potions and elixirs, perhaps they splashed their clothing and saw colors develop & last…Later, going back to those same plants for their color. I like the idea that... Get the full story

I wanted to write this in honor of New York Fashion Week. It’s such an exciting time in the city with a flood of shows, parties, and events, and many of you may think- who cares about all this, who cares about fashion?! Even I (as a former and current dabbling model) can get to thinking that fashion is a waste of time and money, and that there are so many more important things in life. I think, Let’s be practical. A surprise, however, lies in the truth…Fashion can actually make you more healthy. In the constant flood of busy-ness,... Get the full story

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