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Remember when you were a kid and you could play for hours with no plan, taking your make-believe adventures anywhere that your heart desired in the moment? Your mind was able to undistractedly move between entire made up worlds with so much focus that imaginary friends could feel real and pillow fortresses could become as solid as brick and mortar. There was no attention paid towards needing to be somewhere or needing to check your email or needing to do that thing on your to-do list. Somewhere along the way, we gained responsibility and these free flowing times of play... Get the full story

Our bodies are in a rhythm that mirrors Nature and during summer our vital force or Qi has been expansive, this yang energy moving outward and upward has been dominant. As summer draws towards a close, Autumn Equinox is under a month away these grounding and nourishing energies help us ground that expansive yang energy of the summer down and inward towards a more yin and nurturing time. Before we reach autumn, however, we are in a period where we are in our highest yang, the heavenly fire in our heart centre and our middle dan tien (energy centre) are... Get the full story

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed the spirit of children. I love the way they are able to genuinely express themselves - when they are happy they are over-the-moon excited for life and when they are sad they are bursting with tears because whatever has happened is just the worst thing in the world. But sometimes children (who am I kidding — and adults) are unable to express themselves properly with emotions like anxiety, stress, and fear. This is where yoga is beneficial in the development of children. Yoga provides children with tools to authentically express... Get the full story

I am independent. What a statement to make, right? As a Capricorn, I am self sufficient in nature; I am confident and determined in my capability to succeed and with this comes the ability to be independent. But I am not just independent because of the alignment of the stars. I am independent because I choose to be. But choosing to be independent is not easy. Being a woman in our modern society is a challenging thing. We are pulled in all directions from the media, politics, coworkers, family and friends and given conflicting advice on what to do and... Get the full story

‘She’s divine, she’s magic. And she didn’t have to wait on anyone to tell her in order for her to believe that about herself. And that’s what made her so magically beautiful.’ – C.R Bittar Women, the bravest creatures I know. We face adversity head on. We fiercely protect the people we love, we fight past exhaustion, and we let our tears flow just as abundantly as we let our laughter roar. We are soft yet powerful all in one breath. We are goddesses. Hi, I’m Claire. I am an intern for SERENE and I’m also a breast cancer survivor.... Get the full story

I’ve always squirmed at the thought of declaring myself completely done with certain things in my life. My old thought patterns and the less in-tune version of myself was a stage-five clinger to feelings of shame, guilt, and fear. The phrase “easier said than done” had truth behind it. I was saying it far too often. In conversations, I found it much easier to say I’m done when speaking indirectly, but declaring it out loud to the individuals directly affected was no small feat. We are a culture led by fear and too often make excuses as a way to... Get the full story

At this point, many of us have come to realize that digital media and smartphones in particular, have adverse effects on our mental and even physical wellbeing. For all the pleasures and conveniences of non-stop access to social networks, email, newsfeeds, and entertainment, there are an array of potential side-effects and setbacks to our relationships (loss of intimacy), quality of work (loss of productivity and focus), personal wellbeing (anxiety and depression), and potentially long-term health (cancer). As an anthropologist/yoga teacher/artist and now entrepreneur, I place great value on the rituals we uphold in our daily life, and the space we... Get the full story

Ever feel like the same thing keeps happening? Why am I attracting this behavior or situation?? Well, I have, quite recently. And it doesn’t feel good. Personally, I keep noticing people in my life who avoid discomfort and create hardships for themselves and strain relationships because of it. Somehow I’m that person in the way… I only recently came to the hard realization that maybe it’s me that’s attracting this unclear pattern of communication and avoiding the uncomfortable conversation. Then it hit me. It WAS me. It was a mirror of my own energy and my own fear to communicate... Get the full story

Every Sunday in Spain it amazes me and warms my heart to see families and friends gather inside or out, enjoying each other’s company, and actually sitting down to have a meal together. This week I share my experience of the European notion “Switch off Sundays” and how this S.O.S. has been life-changing for me, my family and can be for you too. “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a... Get the full story

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