In honor of National Watermelon Day this week, we’re celebrating WTRMLN WTR, the remarkably hydrating beverage brand fueling our weekly rooftop yoga events at The James Hotel in New York all summer.

With a simple three ingredient recipe of watermelon rind, watermelon flesh, and lemon, WTRMLN WTR is as refreshing as water and delivers vital nutrients for hydration and muscle recovery. We knew it was love at first sip, when the cold press watermelon juice quickly quenched our thirst and left us feeling reinvigorated after a particularly tough yoga sequence on a hot summer’s day. Since then it’s become our go-to summer drink for all other activities.

While we love noshing on fresh slices of cool watermelon at summer picnics and barbecues, our love affair with watermelons quickly fades with the first signs of autumn begin to emerge. Lucky for us, the geniuses at WTRMLN WTR have bottled up watermelon’s goodness in liquid form to be enjoyed all year round. The brand’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Jody Levy is well-aware of the environmental impact prevalent in the beverage industry, but WTRMLN WTR is different as it remains firmly dedicated to sustainability for consumers as well as the ecosystem every step of the way.

We’re happy to present all the reasons why WTRMLN WTR is the perfect drink all year long.

Farm To Bottle Hydration
WTRMLN WTR is not created in plant – it is pressed from a ripe plant from earth and bottled for your drinking pleasure. Unlike many sports drinks on the market, WTRMLN WTR never adds chemicals, sugars, or artificial flavors and colors. Watermelons contain 92% water, so by drinking their fleshy, nutrient rich water, you support your body’s cellular hydration facilities.

Naturally Fuels Muscles Pre and Post-Workout
Watermelons, particularly the rind, supply a natural source of L-Citrulline–an amino acid responsible for increasing blood flow to the muscles, relieving muscle cramping, and helping improve your overall workout. Although many artificial forms of L-Citrulline can be purchased, WTRMLN WTR provides this nutrient naturally.

Boosts Immunity
Vitamin C, magnesium, and the antioxidant Lycopene are naturally found in watermelons, which means WTRMLN WTR boosts the body’s immunity and protects against environmental stressors such as free radicals while renewing cellular energy.

Lower in Natural Sugar
Because watermelons are so naturally dense in water, they contain much less sugar than many fruit juices, green juices, and sports drinks. We recommend consulting with your physician for any dietary requirements or restrictions.

Hangover Relief
Remember how we mention watermelons are comprised of 92% water? Dehydration is the prime culprit of hangovers, we recommend turning to WTRMLN WTR the next time you want to reach for synthetically produced electrolyte, sugary drinks. Natural hydration is the definitely the best way to cure your hangover.

Share The Goodness
There’s never a bad time to have WTRMLN WTR. Watermelons are loaded with vitamins and minerals like potassium, L-Citrulline, lycopene, magnesium, vitamin-c, Iron and even choline, WTRMLN WTR can be enjoyed on its own or even spiked. Why not share the WTRMLN WTR goodness with friends and family at your next party?

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To learn more, visit Purchase WTRMLN WTR from your local Whole Foods store.


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