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Earlier this year SERENE created a wellness pop up at BANDIER in NYC, a space in the city where we were all encouraged to slow down in the city buzz! I got to travel to NYC for the first time ever. I came to see the vibe and get a feel for what is going on across the pond. I left a week later amazed, inspired and feeling like I needed to move there immediately! One of my greatest moments that week and something that will stay with me for a long time was attending a yoga class taught by... Get the full story

Released on International Women’s Day, 2016 at the United Nations, ‘I Am a Girl’ supports the Sustainable Development Goal to Achieve Gender Equality by 2030. We spoke with the beautiful voice and woman behind the song and message, Tennille Amor to find out the inspiration for the song and the stories behind the faces in it. Watch the video: What inspired you to write this song? I wanted to write a song that would encourage women and girls around the world to believe in themselves and go after their dreams, no matter what obstacles they might face along the way.... Get the full story

It being the month of love, and with her book launching in SereneHouse this Sunday, I felt it was the perfect time to correspond with Yoga teacher, author, trailblazer, and all around beauty Lauren Imparato about her own experiences and what she’s learned in love, relationships and wellness. Millana: I remember you told me that you have been married for 15 years -is that right? Lauren: We have been together since July 2002 - almost 14 years! But only married a little over 2. We decided to take our time in formally getting married even though we were fully together with joint... Get the full story

Did you know that in the U.S., 1 in 4 girls will not finish high school, 1 in 5 are victims of childhood sexual abuse and 78% under the age of 17 are unhappy with their bodies? When our friend Amber Tolliver heard these statistics, she decided to do something about it, and deiced to help raise money and awareness for Girls Inc. Girls Inc. is a non profit that aims to diminish these statistics. They provide programming that helps build confidence and fortitude in over 140,00 girls in the US and Canada. From fitness to mentoring, Girls inc focuses on... Get the full story

Jordan Daly could be categorized as one of those 9 to 5ers turned do-gooders but to boil down the road she’s traveled thus far to a simple 2 step from one career to another would be a huge disservice and misrepresentation of her journey. From brand builder, to attention-payer, to yoga teacher to founder of Mind-The- Gap, Ms. Daly has combined what she’s learned through practical experience and what’s been revealed to her through life experience. What might you remind yourself about being authentic? It’s very simple and its “I am enough” I am enough exactly where I am, right sitting here... Get the full story

Valerie Oula is a kundalini yoga teacher, candle maker, reiki master teacher, and all around beautiful soul. The beauty in knowing/taking one of her classes is her no-nonsense, to-the-point wisdom. Her transparency invites you to really open up, and from there you gain so much. Last Sunday evening, after class at the Broome, we sat down with Valerie to learn more about the woman who leads our weekly Kundalini yoga class. How do you express ​yourself ​authentically? For me it’s been a natural progression​,​ it​’s​ a​ ​part of the wo​rk​ that I’ve had to do with myself. To really come into alignment... Get the full story

  There is a depth in the uncomfortable moments of our lives that when acknowledged they allows us to see where we are now and where we desire to go. The tools of transformation are within us all. So, what if we decided to allow these uncomfortable moments, feelings, experiences to flow from us with ease, in an environment that is dedicated to fostering peace, inner-beauty and growth? Sacred Space NY founder Shelley Lewis shares with us her story on how this sacred oasis/ unique healing pod in the New York City came to be.  Ssanyu Birigwa talks with Shelley Lewis... Get the full story

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