Just to explain quickly, astrology isn’t prescriptive.  Every single chart is basically a photo taken of the sky at your precise location and time of birth.  Super precise!  There are no duplicates.  There are similarities, but each person is unique  even though we are all essentially made up of the same things and we are all here to love and learn; we do it in our individual way.
Think of it like this, the planets are instruments, their position in the sky is their tune and the way you direct that influence live through you is how you choose to sing your song.  Every song is beautiful and enchanting in its own way.  Some will be more popular than others, some will be an acquired taste.  That doesn’t matter.  If you love your tune, then you sing and dance to it and you be fulfilled.

When I met lovely Tegan, London Lead at Serene Social I was struck by her strong, bounding energy.  Her intellect, depth and the complexity of her character.  She looked at me with those wild blue eyes and of course I asked her when her birthday was!
As an obsessive astrologer as soon as I see some trademark behaviour and features, I have to check my hypothesis.

Tegan had some very obvious Scorpio energy to her.  As it turns out she is rising Scorpio with a Scorpio moon conjunct it’s ruler Pluto. We decided that creating a guide to physical characteristics that arise from astrological connections would be very interesting. Voila!
Your chart shows the position of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; their positions and how they interact with one another.  You could be a Taurus but have four planets in Gemini so even though you are essentially a steady, calm individual who loves nature you could actually be a very quick thinker and talker who is very drawn to chatty partners.  Some of us have rather conflicting energies, some of us are quite uncomplicated and some of us are very steady.  Your chart will reveal how you meet new people, how you behave with your friends and how you behave in relationships.  This combination of influences will also affect how you look!  So do look at your chart and discover more about yourself.  I like this free bit of software online www.cafeastrology.com but if you have more questions then please email!



When you meet someone who is totally friendly and treats you like they have known you forever with a sort of boisterous affection, you have met someone with strong Aries in their chart.  No messin’ Aries is straight to the point.  They are obvious, unsubtle, go getters.  They know what they want and they go for it.  They are charming though; there is little intended malice in their natural honest friendliness.

Emotionally, I have noticed their enormous tantrums. As Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it represents early life, the innocence of a new born baby.  If you have ever had to deal with relentless screaming infant then you will know that sometimes you just have to let them exhaust themselves and eventually it will pass, trying to be rational is a waste of time.  That’s how it can be when Aries is upset. When they throw a wobbly, they don’t hold back on unleashing the torment inside, but then it passes and it’s over.  If you are someone who is sensitive and hurt by extreme bursts of emotion, just remember that you’re dealing with a baby.  (If this rings true for someone you know and they aren’t an Aries, check their moon, the moon rules emotions.)

Sorry Aries, that’s not a great introduction I’m presenting!  However, it’s something I’ve learnt quite recently!  Also, on the other hand, you are absolutely open, warm, loving, honest, generous and genuine (like a baby!)

Aries people can have a very distinctive walk, they stride ahead with purpose and lean their heads forwards or to the side.  They generally have an air of ‘hurry’ about them.

Visually, they can have a strong bone structure, a Roman nose and eyebrows that meet in the middle like their ram symbol as demonstrated here by Sun, Venus, and Mercury Aries Robert Downy Junior and Keira Knightley.  Moon and Mars Aries, Angelina Jolie, also possesses the same forthright look (and personality) of these archetypal, action orientated stars who all became famous in their youth.

Aries starts young.  Their unshakable self-confidence and energy ensures that they pursue their passions long before most people have even understood what their passion is!  Do you know someone who left home fairly young and made a success of themselves by creating their own reality?  They probably have strong Aries in the chart.  All the fire signs act on inspiration, all cardinal signs make things happen.  Aries is the cardinal fire sign and they bravely follow their dreams.
Overall Aries of both sexes look strong, the men are usually athletic looking with broad shoulders.
When it comes to their style, they love stark patterns and obvious colours.  Monochrome is a very Aries concept.  Black and white thinking represented in their black and white clothes.  Red too is the colour of Mars, the ruler of Aries.  All things fast, racing car red is classic Aries as it is bold, swift, direct and demonstrates their approach to life!
Generally speaking the first part of the body to emerge when we are born is the head and so Aries rules the head and you will see your Aries friends in a hat, wooly in the winter, a cap in the summer… you name it.  Anyone who really loves a hat probably has some strong Aries in their chart.
More coming on the rest of the signs! Join me next time for Taurus!

Love, Francesca Oddie

Contributor, SERENE Social


About Francesca
Francesca Oddie is a London based Astrologer. Her obsession with astrology and natural health solutions lead to the creation of Frankinsense and Mirth; a platform that blinds astrology with Neal’s Yard Remedies, yoga, mindfulness and an ever growing list of life changing alchemy that she loves to blog about!

Having always had in interest and in both science and spirituality, Francesca chose to read Natural Sciences; Biology, Philosophy, Theology at Durham University. On completing her studies she to moved to Italy, where she lived in Rome and worked as a Tour Guide at The Vatican, building knowledge on everywhere The Vatican has appropriated art from!

Francesca continues to build her knowledge by attending inspirational lectures at the London School of Astrology. You can read more at www.frankinsenseandmirth.co.uk or follow her on social media to find details on her consultations and Neal’s Yard Remedies favourites. Francesca is passionate about helping people unravel themselves to find what they really love by using the scientific revelation of astrology and would love to hear from you.

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