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In honor of National Watermelon Day this week, we’re celebrating WTRMLN WTR, the remarkably hydrating beverage brand fueling our weekly rooftop yoga events at The James Hotel in New York all summer. With a simple three ingredient recipe of watermelon rind, watermelon flesh, and lemon, WTRMLN WTR is as refreshing as water and delivers vital nutrients for hydration and muscle recovery. We knew it was love at first sip, when the cold press watermelon juice quickly quenched our thirst and left us feeling reinvigorated after a particularly tough yoga sequence on a hot summer’s day. Since then it’s become our... Get the full story

Spirulina? Chlorella? Tocos? Anandamide? Reishi? No these are not the names of exotic islands. They are the names of some incredible powdered power foods that are on the rise.  Power food powders and supplements are all the rage these days, and no wonder. They are an incredible way to get nutrients quickly into your system. But it can be really difficult to incorporate these somewhat puzzling substances into your daily routine if you aren’t used to them. Last year there was an article written about a certain wellness guru’s eating regimen that gained a huge amount of bad press because everything... Get the full story

  Happy Thursday! Today I want to share some very valuable SUPER JUICES with you! They are really super foods, but if we consume in the form of juice, we can get way more vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form from them. I have personally done a lot of research on these as I have been juicing for over 15 years. I also am a pharmacist, (for some of you that are not aware). I believe that western medicine definitely has it’s place, however, I am passionate about finding the natural ways to cure and prevent disease through nature’s foods! Healing... Get the full story

So what is ‘Raw Food’? Plant based foods are considered raw when they have not been heated above 42 degrees, meaning they are still high in their enzyme content and vibrational energy. By eating these foods we are nourishing our bodies, minds and souls and there is no conversion of nutrients required by our complex and clever digestive systems. The body is simply able to absorb everything it needs and requires, to function fully and completely, Magic!! A raw food or plant-based diet will consist predominantly of greens- including dark green leafy vegetables and sea greens like nori, wakame and... Get the full story

Firstly, choose your seaweed carefully. Not all seaweeds are created equal and some are far more delicious and easy to cook than others - like Dulse, Sea Spaghetti and Wakame. Secondly always go for a reputable brand, ideally organically certified. Thirdly, experiment! Seaweeds all have wonderful savoury flavour-enhancing properties so taste good with pretty much everything (savoury at least, although toasted Dulse also tastes excellent with chocolate). Dulse crisps - an easy win Great for a dinner party nibble and for crunching over eggs. - Heat up a dry frying pan till it’s very hot. Lay Dulse leaves in the... Get the full story

A couple of years ago the concept of going on a juice cleanse still occurred to me as unnecessary and silly. I didn’t see the point in depriving myself of delicious food and shocking my body just to look slim for a couple of days and then to put on the weight just as quickly again. It wasn’t until my friend persuaded me to do join her on a juice cleanse for moral support that I came to realize that I was wrong all along. I agreed to do it to as I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give my... Get the full story

Seaweed has come a long way. A really long way in fact, as it is one of the most ancient forms of life on earth. More recently, seaweed has gone from a much ignored beach nuisance to the tables of top restaurants around the world to take its’ place as a prized vegetable and rich source of nutrients. Here’s why should you include seaweed in your daily diet.   Reason 1: (the big one first) seaweeds are incredibly good for you. They contain every nutrient you need to live, from Vitamin C to Omega 3 which make them super all-round... Get the full story

I collaborated with my friend Megan of Healthy Grocery Girl to hook you up with not 1, not 2, not 3, not even 4 or 5, but 6 easy vegan snack recipes!!! Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to decide what you should be snacking on to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Those 100 calorie snack packs are a joke, and that bag of tortilla chips presents far too much temptation, especially once there’s guacamole involved…or sweet potato hummus. Oh damn! That stuff will guarantee an empty bag within the hour, without a crumb to be found. Megan, a vegan... Get the full story

Psst! Guess what! I really really love sweet potatoes! Oh yeah, big secret, right?! Even after 5 and a half years of having a blog called Sweet Potato Soul, they are still my favorite food. I mean, how could I ever stop loving them? Can’t stop, won’t stop. Sweet Potatoes are healthy, filling, delicious, and incredibly versatile! I find ways to use them all year round, and for every single meal of the day (dessert and snack included). Check out the video below to see a handful of my favorite ways to use these gorgeous tubers! Recipes are, of course,... Get the full story

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