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Yesterday I went to the doctors office for just some routine things (don’t worry) and I was told when I walked in the door that I would have a 1 hour wait, at least, for my appointment. This is just what everyone wants to hear when they walk into an acetic room full of sniffling people. We have you! You are our hostage for at least an hour of this beautiful day! There are two options of recourse in this scenario: Get angry and cause a scene, or go an sit down and flip through facebook and instagram for 60... Get the full story

Right after my graduation from architecture school a few years ago, I felt like I had been cast into the open ocean of life, detached from an institution of learning for the first time in twenty-one years. I found myself floundering for the meaning of it all, feeling suddenly unbounded and let loose from the definition and structure of semesters punctuated by term papers and projects. I began to feel more and more lost and things began to feel negative in what was actually a pretty amazing life. I had a great architecture job in Manhattan, a beautiful home with... Get the full story

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