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After visiting the Vegfest in Brighton last weekend and being part of several Vegan forums, I really would like to share the need for a new concept: Ecocentrism. Many of the people who become vegan do so for the animals; they decide to pursue a route of kindness and avoid cruelty against other living beings. I really could not agree more, even though I became vegan for health reasons, that really did open my eyes to the need for kindness and the reality that living beings do die, for human’s taste buds (not survival). But for many vegans, the connection... Get the full story

  Happy Thursday! Today I want to share some very valuable SUPER JUICES with you! They are really super foods, but if we consume in the form of juice, we can get way more vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form from them. I have personally done a lot of research on these as I have been juicing for over 15 years. I also am a pharmacist, (for some of you that are not aware). I believe that western medicine definitely has it’s place, however, I am passionate about finding the natural ways to cure and prevent disease through nature’s foods! Healing... Get the full story

For some of us, it’s pretty cold outside, and for many that means a wet nose or a winter bug from time to time. To ward off winter colds naturally we turned to holistic health practitioner Michelle Mitchum of The Orange Moon to give us some insight in what to try before heading to the drug store or making a doctor’s appointment, and she shared a few nuggets with us:  “If you find that you are having  little head congestion, before you run to your doctor to have him/her prescribe a decongestant, or before you go to the drug store... Get the full story

Sometimes I am so ungrounded that I feel like I am going to float away. I am a very idealistic person with 1000 different ideas flying through my brain a minute for ways that the world could or should work better, big idea things that I should do, different things that could be designed better, projects I have been meaning to get to, places I want to go. This is great, I love the way my brain works, but sometimes I have to remind myself to come back down to earth. Being unsettled is..unsettling. There are a lot of lifestyle... Get the full story

In recent years, infertility has continued to increase, with women struggling to have a baby and turning to fertility drugs, IVF treatments and even surrogates. Struggling to have a baby can take a huge toll on the body and mind, and also on a couple’s relationship. Women often report feeling inapt when struggling to conceive, and men, who are also seeing a steady decline in their sperm count and strength, feel frustrated and less manly. But does having a baby need to be that hard? Or can we take control of our body so that it performs the way we... Get the full story

Yesterday I went to the doctors office for just some routine things (don’t worry) and I was told when I walked in the door that I would have a 1 hour wait, at least, for my appointment. This is just what everyone wants to hear when they walk into an acetic room full of sniffling people. We have you! You are our hostage for at least an hour of this beautiful day! There are two options of recourse in this scenario: Get angry and cause a scene, or go an sit down and flip through facebook and instagram for 60... Get the full story

Yoga āsana is only one of eight branches on the tree of yoga. The benefits that can be achieved from āsana alone are manyfold and reach far beyond those of flexibility and a toned body. In this article we will look at what some of the great teachers have had to say about the practice of asana, see how it might deepen our knowledge, and influence our teaching. Patanjali wrote in his Yoga Sutras (2nd century BC), that there is a correct way to practice āsana and it requires the two essential qualities of sthira and sikha. Yoga Sutra 2.46... Get the full story

Many of us are committed to caring about what we put into our bodies because we care about our health and our future wellbeing, but it surprises me to see how many do not care about the quality of what we put ON our bodies. Although you might not think of skin as an organ, it is in fact the body’s largest. It acts not only as a protective barrier, but it also connects us to the outside world, which means it absorbs a lot of what you put on it. Not convinced? Think nicotine and birth control patches! According... Get the full story

Firstly, choose your seaweed carefully. Not all seaweeds are created equal and some are far more delicious and easy to cook than others - like Dulse, Sea Spaghetti and Wakame. Secondly always go for a reputable brand, ideally organically certified. Thirdly, experiment! Seaweeds all have wonderful savoury flavour-enhancing properties so taste good with pretty much everything (savoury at least, although toasted Dulse also tastes excellent with chocolate). Dulse crisps - an easy win Great for a dinner party nibble and for crunching over eggs. - Heat up a dry frying pan till it’s very hot. Lay Dulse leaves in the... Get the full story

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