Ever feel like the same thing keeps happening? Why am I attracting this behavior or situation??
Well, I have, quite recently. And it doesn’t feel good. Personally, I keep noticing people in my life who avoid discomfort and create hardships for themselves and strain relationships because of it. Somehow I’m that person in the way…

I only recently came to the hard realization that maybe it’s me that’s attracting this unclear pattern of communication and avoiding the uncomfortable conversation.

Then it hit me.

It WAS me. It was a mirror of my own energy and my own fear to communicate directly in uncomfortable situations. I couldn’t believe it. I had been working for years to clean this up and be more direct, and not take things personally. Wow. It’s still there?!? That’s not pretty to look at. It’s so much easier, I thought, to focus NOT on me. (Isn’t it?) 😉

So, what I’m learning is when you have drama or PAIN of any kind, the real question you should be asking yourself is, ” What part of me is attracting this energy into my life?”

Be honest with yourself. If it’s really hard, it’s probably a reflection of something within yourself that you want to change. It could be the exact same thing you are attracting, or something that brings out an attitude or behavior in you, that is not in alignment with your highest self. I believe these lessons are the hardest and conversely offer the most growth, so I challenge you to face it head on. Look at how it’s affecting your whole life and how it keeps you stuck in unhealthy patterns. Perhaps it’s keeping you feeling up then down, or feeling guilty, or in a ‘lack’ space, or not being authentic with yourself or others. Whatever it is, we all have these uncomfortable moments, but remember, these are just MOMENTS, and they will pass.

Here is your mantra for the week:

I am grateful for my teachable moments. I trust in the power of the Universe, and let go of all that doesn’t serve me. I am safe to be powerful and authentically me.

Feel the love and acceptance in this statement. Feel the power and truth. Switch from fear into love in moments of uncertainty. You are an amazing human here to fulfill your amazing life!

Love, Gwen Gaydos

Contributor, SERENE Social


About Gwen Gaydos

Gwen Gaydos is a Holistic Pharmacist, Life Fulfillment Guru and Haute Healer. Gwen educates and coaches individuals in body, mind, and spirit, specifically how to get more happy, healthy, energized and loved. She also gives and teaches Reiki Healing. See gwengaydos.com for more info and goodies!

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