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I’ll admit it: I wasn’t a very good New Yorker. There are people who delight in the essence of the city, feeling as though they are in the center of the world. The hustle and bustle, noisey, crowded streets and subways and the lack of space define the metropolis in a positive way for these people.  It makes them feel in the thick of things. which they are!     But for me, a girl who grew up on the west coast of the United States, these characteristics of the city defined a claustrophobia that I couldn’t get away from... View Article

I’m a conscious consumer. So you want to live more consciously. Great! But … where do you start? Well, the options can be a bit overwhelming. You can’t just wake up on Earth Day and “live sustainably” any more than you can wake up and run the New York City Marathon. It takes training, information gathering, practice, and working your way through challenges. But the other big thing about living sustainably is that it comes in a lot of flavors! And some of those flavors actually don’t work well together. For example, do you want to eat locally or organically?... View Article

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