What happens when friendship is fused with movement, music, and style? The result is RIE + RYN, a lifestyle clothing brand empowering women to accept themselves as they are. Founded by and named after friends Carrie (Rie) and Taryn (Ryn), the line captures their shared passion for freedom and comfort without sacrificing style.

SERENE is delighted to partner with RIE + RYN to present a wish list for the month of May. Carrie reveals what kick starts her day, the importance of music, and how RIE + RYN has become a second skin for many women.

What are some of your essential morning rituals?
I begin each morning eagerly with a cup of matcha, which I have with ice and lemon. It makes me feel refreshed, energized, and prepared for the day.

Staying active is vital to my lifestyle and well-being as a mother and business owner. You can find me at Soul Cycle, my local yoga studio, or gym first thing. The rest of my day is devoted to my girls as well as my work.

Carrie’s daily essentials:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Describe how meditation has been a guiding force in your life, personally and professionally.
I always seemed to function at top speed and had trouble organizing my thoughts until I found meditation. Time management and compartmentalizing ideas were difficult for me, but now when I find myself scattered, mindlessly hopping from one thought or task to another, I stop to meditate. The OMG Meditate app is my favorite. I always return grounded and solid, ready to tackle anything on my agenda with a fresh perspective.

Which experiences most influenced you and your business partner to create RIE + RYN?
Our mutual love of music, movement, and style is channeled into every piece in the RIE + RYN collection.

Our prime inspiration arrived when we discovered we were both attending yoga classes based on the music played. We love to flow to the energy of Hip-Hop and Classic Rock music mostly.

I remember when a yoga teacher played Hotel California by The Eagles as we were in Eagle Pose, and it later motivated us to create tees, bottoms, and other laying pieces that embodied the freedom we felt in that moment. Naturally, we have a need to share RIE + RYN with the world.

Carrie’s top picks:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

How has the vision for RIE + RYN sharpened your worldview, and how do you hope it will influence others?
I have a clear view that women are too hard on themselves. I meet and style many women and the negative self-talk is so awful.

“As I am” is the mantra of RIE + RYN. While we are huge believers in the desire to evolve, we also feel that the constant need to change—get thinner, become more mindful (or whatever it may be)—does not truly allow women to be present. Women must prioritize accepting themselves if they are ever to feel comfortable in their own skin.

RIE + RYN prides itself in consisting mostly of loose-fitting, comfortable, and versatile clothing. Many women consider our gear second skin they can feel confident and free wearing in the studio, on the street, and everywhere else in between.

Learn more about RIE + RYN and shop the brand at rieandryn.com

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