SERENE has created a whole summer of programming in Montauk in partnership with One Roof and The Surf Lodge. Whether its hanging out by the pool/beach and catching some yoga, getting some work done in our co-working space or booking an appointment with one of our incredible well-being practitioners..Summer 2016 is waiting for you in Montauk. One Roof and SERENE have partnered to create an industry first co-working and wellness concept at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. Let’s change the conversation around how we work. IT’S NO LONGER ABOUT 9AM-9PM UNDER FLOURESCENT LIGHTS WITHOUT A BREAK FOR LUNCH. Imagine taking... Get the full story

“May you respond to the call of your gift, and find the courage to follow its path” – John O’Donohue Picture this… You’re getting off a plane in Marrakesh, Morocco, being collected by a 4×4 jeep, leaving behind the hustle and bustle, not only of your own city, but also one of Morocco’s largest tourist destinations and heading far into the desert in the knowledge that there is no more contact by mobile phone or internet for six days and five nights. Entering the Atlas Mountains, the home of the Berber Nomad Tribe, a huge vista with breathtaking scenery faces... Get the full story

What happens when friendship is fused with movement, music, and style? The result is RIE + RYN, a lifestyle clothing brand empowering women to accept themselves as they are. Founded by and named after friends Carrie (Rie) and Taryn (Ryn), the line captures their shared passion for freedom and comfort without sacrificing style. SERENE is delighted to partner with RIE + RYN to present a wish list for the month of May. Carrie reveals what kick starts her day, the importance of music, and how RIE + RYN has become a second skin for many women. What are some of... Get the full story

Every Sunday in Spain it amazes me and warms my heart to see families and friends gather inside or out, enjoying each other’s company, and actually sitting down to have a meal together. This week I share my experience of the European notion “Switch off Sundays” and how this S.O.S. has been life-changing for me, my family and can be for you too. “Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a... Get the full story

We launched into May with five planets retrograde: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Retrograde planets appear to move backwards in the sky from our vantage point on Earth. Mercury refers to how we need to think. Mars refers to how we need to take action. Jupiter refers to our need for expansion and reward. Saturn refers to our need for structure, ambition and necessary controls. Pluto refers to our need for perspective and transformation – like it or not, because with Pluto, resistance is futile. What do all these retrograde planets suggest? Mercury retrograde suggests a higher probability of... Get the full story

SERENE is an international curator of wellness and conscious living, committed to connecting like-minded individuals interested in living a grounded and healthy life. We define health beyond what one physically puts into their body—it extends to what a person takes in mentally, visually, spiritually and emotionally. It’s all connected and it is vital that you understand or are open to learning more about this if you are interested in joining our team. It’s important that we have someone deeply connected or open to our ethos. SERENE has an exciting summer ahead and is seeking exceptional individuals to join our team.... Get the full story

I’ve had massive energetic shifts and awakenings recently and I wanted to share an aspect of life, of experiencing Earth school that is a top key for embodying your greatest power, and that is to really let yourself feel the feelings. Your first thought might be “I totally do! I do that already.” and while you might be letting yourself feel to some degree, many times our habits and patterns of numbing or distracting ourselves so we don’t have to feel certain ways comes from our subconscious. And it is only after you really let yourself become aware and see... Get the full story

Earlier this year SERENE created a wellness pop up at BANDIER in NYC, a space in the city where we were all encouraged to slow down in the city buzz! I got to travel to NYC for the first time ever. I came to see the vibe and get a feel for what is going on across the pond. I left a week later amazed, inspired and feeling like I needed to move there immediately! One of my greatest moments that week and something that will stay with me for a long time was attending a yoga class taught by... Get the full story

April kicks off with the Sun still charging ahead in fiery Aries, bursting with the energy of the new astrological year, which began on March 20th. The intense pace continues through the first full week of the month, then begins to slow down, leading to a much-needed long period of time to absorb and process recent dynamic shifts and challenges. “Hurry up!” may mark the start of April, but by the end of the month, the message is “wait.” Here’s the 411 on April’s most significant planetary patterns: April 5th: a constructive focus can be yours in the days leading... Get the full story

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