Most of you know at this point that we have just opened the practitioner side of SereneBook, our new platform for holistic wellbeing that is subscription based, curated, and is going to make holistic preventative health accessible to the masses. Needless to say, we are really excited. The entire platform is curated by Intention. So what does that mean? Lets break it down.

Every day, whether you realize it or not, you set various intentions for yourself. Intentions are the energetic blueprint that we create for ourselves with every thought we have, every assumption we make about ourselves and the world, and every goal we set for ourselves (even if that goal is sometimes just to get out of bed and crawl towards the coffee/matcha). What is so great about learning how set Intentions is that we already all do it, we just have to learn how to control our intentions so that we manifest the things that are really in line with what we want in life, relationships, and our work.

Intentions are really a type of affirmation. All day long we make affirmations, positive and negative. Every time you realize that you are talking to yourself in your head, you are making affirmations. “I am beautiful, I am ugly today, I am going to accomplish this and it will be easy, This is too hard, I can’t do it.” All of these are affirmations, and they help to call in good and bad outcomes in your life in every single moment.

By setting Intentions that are guided by positive affirmation in order to manifest good things into your life, you can create more prosperity, get your creative juices flowing, meet the right people, live a life in the flow, and even heal your body from dis-ease (sic).

SereneBook is entirely guided by Intention. When you are able to log onto the site as a subscriber (in January!), you will be asked set an Intention. The intentions we have created for you range from things like “Gut Reboot” and “Luminous Complexion” to injury and illness healing, to more fun Astral things like “Your Mystic Month” and “Vision Quest”. Many of the intentions are set and curated by incredible healers and friends of SereneBook like DJ Chelsea Leyland, meditation artist Biet Simkin, blogger Athena Calderone, just to name a few of the 200 initial ones!

If you are a practitioner in one of the more than 130 modalities featured on SereneBook, please consider applying to be a practitioner by going to

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