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In my previous article we met Aries, the headstrong initiator and leader.  As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a real fire-starter!  They get things done, they are bold, brave, confident and impatient to get things going.  As we move through the zodiac we will see how the signs relate to one another, subsequent signs demonstrate the traits that it’s predecessor lacked.  In this case Taurus demonstrates the qualities that Aries lacked!  What Aries begins, Taurus maintains.

Taurus is calm, contented and relaxed.  You will usually find them outside in the field soaking up the beauty of nature, taking deep breaths thinking to themselves “this is the life!”  Taurus is content with things as they are and delights in simple pleasures, and pleasures they must be because Taurus is Venus ruled and Venus is THE pleasure principle.

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus; Libra is a cardinal air sign but Taurus is a fixed earth sign.  There is nothing more immovable than a Taurus!  You try getting one out of a soft bed!  I have a Taurus moon and I have been known to declare that, “I am glued to my bed!”  Nobody could get me up and out!  Venus can be really lazy, a self-indulgent hedonist who simply does not want to move!  As Taurus is an earth sign the pleasures it enjoys are all earthly; nature, food, massage… all things sensual and nurturing are enjoyed by Taurus.  You will find me at home, in cotton pyjamas, in bed, drinking tea, alone, contented and in my element.  The moon rules the home and even though my ego is far more outlandish and extroverted, my emotional and homely needs are Taurus ruled.  I’m a cow with home comforts!  As I will continue to reiterate, it is vital to know and understand your natal chart, you are so much more than your star sign.  Every chart is unique, complex and magical.

When it comes to looks, Taurus individuals display natural beauty, the word luscious describes them well!  Their lips are full, their skin is soft and their hair is thick.  There is a dewy, wholesome look to Taurus; both sexes seem to have strong hips and thighs.  The men look like they could spend the day digging and the women look like they can handle child bearing.  Even the really slim women are unmistakably strong looking.

When I was trying to think of Taurus women Penelope Cruz popped into my head, as did Tess Daly, I checked their charts and they both have their Sun in Taurus. They both look strong, they have the same sensual mouth, long soft swaying hair and they look ‘full’.  They are not skinny women, they are slim but they look strong and sexy.

Men with Sun in Taurus are surely going to be beautiful! Venus represents beauty as well as pleasure.  David Beckham is the first Taurus who springs to mind.  Oh, a quick Google and we’ve also got George Clooney, Jamie Dornan, Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson.  Nice. I just found Jessica Alba too.  Quality.  Taurus gives us a high standard of quality pin ups!  We venerate you!  The word venerate is derived from the meanings associated with Venus, we adore beauty and Taurus here is to be revered.

Have you ever heard of Venus Dimples?  The dimples some people have at the base of their spine.  Well apparently Venus rules all dimples  not just those in your lower back.   As the ruler of Taurus (and Libra) you will see dimples in the back, cheeks or chin of these people.  This seems to be much more common with Librans  but a fair few Taureans have this too.

Venus loves ease and sweetness so Taurus has an appetite for red wine and luxurious meals!  Venus is also a little bit lazy, Taurus absolutely loves and adores being outside but does not love rushing! Taurus moves sllllooooowwwwlllyy and that combined with their love of sweet food can lead to them gaining weight.  When talking about famous Taureans, Adele is a classic example of a lovely, loyal Taurus who demonstrates a characteristically larger figure.  She is natural, beautiful and ripe, characteristically sturdy looking; full lips, a dimple in her chin and a strong physique; archetypal Taurus.

With respect to working people out, if you have someone in your life who despises, loathes and refuses to accept change then they probably have strong Taurus energy in their chart.  Taurus sticks out storms far longer than anyone else; the Taurus version of loyalty is what most people call stalking!

However, if you give Taurus the security and tenderness they desire you will have a sweet and loyal friend or lover for life, just so long as you don’t push them into doing something they don’t want to do because then you will experience the mighty temper of the bull!

More coming on the rest of the signs over the next few weeks! Join me next for Gemini!

Love, Francesca Oddie

Contributor, SERENE Social


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