Happy New Year!

If you were thinking that 2016 would start softly, easing you back into your work routine after a festive and relaxing holiday week, think again. Planetary patterns in the first week of January conjure up two words: hot mess – for better or for worse.

January 5th through January 7th may be especially dynamic days for travel and communication snafus and technological glitches. Highly charged confrontations are also likely, particularly if you were born at the beginning of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo…or if you were born halfway through Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer. These may be experienced as empowering breakthroughs. That’s the potential upside, as is a rose-colored vision lighting it all up. Alternatively, confrontations may be experienced as upsetting disruptions to the status quo, driven by delusions instead of the sublime. That’s the potential downside. The potential for confusion is also elevated, courtesy of Mercury turning retrograde at 8:06AM ET on January 5th. Did you back up your computer and smartphone data? Do it now.

Everything you need to know about how to handle Mercury retrograde can be found in the forecast I wrote in September. Contrary to popular belief, Mercury retrogrades are not something to be dreaded! We need these periods to review, research, reconnect and relax. Follow the guidelines in the September forecast and you’ll do just fine. Mercury will be retrograde until January 25th.

But wait – there’s more. On January 7th, Jupiter turns retrograde at 11:40PM ET. Jupiter refers to expansion, for better or for worse. It also refers to how we need to be rewarded for our precious time and efforts. Since September 11th, Jupiter has been traveling through Virgo, expanding awareness of Virgo concerns including diet, health and work routines. Jupiter in Virgo is a fine time to fine tune those areas of your life. You can do it! During Jupiter’s retrograde period (January 7th – May 9th), we have an opportunity to review our efforts in those areas. Sometimes our desire to expand – especially in our career – may be held back until Jupiter turns direct. But if you really want to know how planetary patterns are likely to affect you personally, consider booking a personal consultation to discuss your unique horoscope.

On January 9th at 8:30PM ET, we have an opportunity to re-set intentions for the next lunar cycle, using the seed-planting energy of the New Moon in Capricorn. A Capricorn Moon means business like no other sign, and it needs to make progress in order to feel fulfilled. You’ll feel the push more personally if you were born around the 9th of January, April, July and October.

From January 9th to the 18th, planetary patterns suggest spirits soaring with big, idealistic ideas and enthusiasm and no small amount of pixie dust. Feeling pretty good about your New Moon Agenda, are you? Remember to stay focused and double check the details before you hit “send,” as Mercury is retrograde!

On January 20th, the Sun enters Aquarius at 10:28AM ET. Get ready to wish your favorite humanitarian space cadet a happy solar return.  Aquarius is an Air Sign, suggesting a naturally cerebral approach   that needs to organize and build something lasting with its humanitarian ideals. Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, freedom, friendship, fringe, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you were born with the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. What you need to do with that energy will be suggested by other components of your horoscope. We are so much more than our Sun Signs!

On January 23rd, flashes of insight and investigative dirt are likely to abound, as the Full Moon in Leo at 8:46PM ET on the 23rd lights up the sky, releasing what no longer serves. Oh what a drama it may be! Three days before the Full Moon, Mercury is supercharged by rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto. These close encounters may recall surprising information that hit the fan around the 19th-20th of December, to be repeated for a third time around January 30th -31st. By the end of this month, you may find your mind completely changed on a subject you previously thought you knew cold.

Generally speaking, I do not like to write forecasts for individual Sun Signs because they are so…general. And why would you want to settle for a general forecast when you can have an amazingly accurate forecast that is specific to your unique birth date, place and time – all for less than the cost of a haircut in a high-end New York or London salon? A hair cut lasts six weeks. Your horoscope lasts for your whole life – and beyond. Yea verily, I tell you: horoscopes live forever.

Still, it’s the New Year…and I know you’re curious…so here’s a little hint of what’s on deck for your Sun Sign in 2016. Enjoy!

ARIES:  If you were born between April 5th and April 14th, this is likely to be a breakout year. You need to be YOU without compromise. Talk to your Aries sisters who have birthdays between April 1st and April 4th. Ask them how 2015 was for them. You’re next!

TAURUS:  Bulls born between May 5th and May 13th are receiving an easy flow of support from Jupiter (reward) and Pluto (empowerment). Since Taurus is all about building and maintaining material comfort and security, that looks pretty good. Bulls born after May 13th are likely to be more motivated to take action than usual, especially during the month of July. My advice: curb that rash impulse, especially if it involves a sudden summer fling.

GEMINI: For Geminis born around May 26th and 27th, congratulations. The fog you were in through 2015 is lifting. Now it’s time for your sisters born May 29th – June 2nd to be influenced by a dreamy vision – or lack thereof.  For Geminis born June 1st through June 12th, you’re being challenged to get real about something that was started 7 or 14 years ago, with the prospect for reward by summer’s end.

CANCER:  If you were born between July 7th and July 16th, you’re likely feeling quite a buzz, as well as a need for a breakthrough and empowerment. As with Aries, talk to your Cancer sisters who have birthdays between July 3rd and July 6th. Ask them how 2015 was for them. That will give you an idea of what 2016 may bring.

LEO: A Leo Sun is free and clear of disruption, squeezes and other streamlining in 2016. This does not mean that there is nothing going on in your horoscope. Consult your local astrologer for details.

VIRGO: If you were born after September 7th, you have an opportunity to expand your reach in a way that only comes around once every 12 years. So look back to 2004 and see what good fortune smiled upon you.  Caveat: If you were born between September 1st and September 13th, your prospects are more complex. On the one hand, there’s that dreamy vision. On the other hand, there’s that need to get real in a way you haven’t experienced in 7 or 14 years. If you were born before September 7th, I hope you received a nice little boost before the end of 2015.

LIBRA: Your lot is similar to what Aries and Cancers are facing this year, if you were born between October 8th and October 17th.  Libras born before October 14th may find opportunities for expansion knocking on their doorstep when Jupiter, the Cosmic Sugar Daddy, enters Libra on September 9th through the rest of the year.

SCORPIO: Aren’t you glad that taskmaster Saturn finally left Scorpio in September? Now it’s your Sagittarius sisters who will be feeling the pressure to achieve or streamline in 2016. This year, your Scorpio Sun is energized and/or provoked by Mars in your sign, for a good chunk of time between January and August. Find a productive physical channel for that extra energy. To Scorpios born between November 12th and November 21st, take heed of the advice for Taurus: avoid lashing out in July.

SAGITTARIUS: Like your Gemini, Virgo and Pisces sisters, 2016 is a complicated story. On the one hand, you’re being asked to focus and streamline your lofty ideals, especially if you were born between December 1st and December 13th….and especially if you were born in 1987. On the other hand, you may be feeling bewildered and in dire need of a creative or spiritual outlet, especially if you were born around the end of November or early December. On the third hand (I told you it was complicated), you may also receive a nice lift by the end of summer if you were born in the back half of your sign. And on the fourth hand (see?!?), you may be as provoked and energized as your Scorpio sisters if you were born in the first 8 days of Sagittarius, and especially if you were born around November 30th. If that last note applies to you, I’m advising you now to find a constructive physical outlet for all of your lofty passion, so you will be able to sail smoothly through March.

CAPRICORN: Your story is similar to Aries, Cancer and Libra if you were born between January 6th and January 8th. This is a year of transformation and empowerment, big time. Will you even recognize yourself at the end of 2016? A need for a breakthrough, breakup or breakout is likely if you were born between January 8th and January 15th.

AQUARIUS: Like your Leo sisters, your Sun is free from upsets in 2016. This does not mean nothing is likely to happen. It means that what will drive the action for you this year will be evident when we look at other planets in your horoscope. Consult your local astrologer for details.

PISCES: Your story is similar to Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius: a mixed bag of streamlining, reward and a need for vision, depending on your birth date. If you were born between February 28th and March  2nd, talk to your Pisces sisters born February 25th through February 27th. Were they lost or were they found in 2015?


Thank you for reading this forecast. Drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you.



Love, Elisabeth Grace

Contributor, SERENE Social


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Now Elisabeth is a certified professional astrologer, consulting with clients all over the world. She has presented talks in New York and Tokyo, and would be delighted to talk to you. Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding why you are the way you are, and why things happen when they do.

Because of her work in news, Elisabeth noticed an uncanny synchronicity between planetary patterns and what we see in the headlines. She shares her insights in a daily astrological forecast posted on Grace Astrology.

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