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Our friends at Bella Kinesis are starting a new campaign called “Give it Another Go” focused on encouraging women who have been discouraged by early life attempts at sportiness in school to try again…to give it another go!  I can relate to this – in high school I told myself I was terrible at basketball but recently played a game just for fun and had a blast!  We put so much pressure on ourselves as young people to be the best or be talented right away when having fun and being healthy should be the focus!  Bella Kinesis are having a launch event this Saturday, and the London SERENE community is invited. xx Tegan 


I was never the sporty girl growing up. I was never picked for any teams and approached all of my games lessons with dread. It was so embarrassing to finish every race last, trip over the hurdle or collapse into the high jump bar. It made me think that I was incapable of all sport, that it just wasn’t something for me.

After high school, I basically gave up on all physical exercise. It wasn’t until I quit my previous job that I realised I need to get back into it. I was underweight and really weak after spending so much time in a high stress environment and lacking sleep or the time to have proper nutritious meals. I started with yoga and slowly started to get stronger. I was in a class full of beginners and it was amazing to see how everyone progressed. No competition or comparison, just twelve people discovering their own strengths and capabilities. Next I tried running and managed to complete a 10k! I never thought I could manage that. My early had filled me with a negative attitude towards all my physical capabilities.

When starting my sportswear brand, Bella Kinesis, I shared my story and was overwhelmed by the response I received from other women who had gone through the same experiences. It’s so sad to hear people say they can’t do things. We call can. Maybe we wont be the fastest, strongest or most flexible, but we can still run that 10k, hold that yoga pose and handle any crazy workout that comes our way (even if it does involve some cramps and wheezing).

Because of all this, we decided to launch a campaign called ‘Give it Another Go’ to encourage women to try again and to tell them that they could do it. So for all you non-sporty girls – the reserves, the picked last for the teams – we’re calling you out to give it another go. And for all the sporty girls who’ve given up since school, we hope you find your inner captain again. This time there’s no judgement and no coach, just a bunch of healthy, happy women who like to support each other.

To celebrate the launch of our campaign, we’re hosting an open level ballet class with one of our brand ambassadors, Karis Scarlette, who has performed with the Royal Ballet. Ballet is something most of us tried out us kids but probably gave up when we thought we had outgrown pink tights or felt too self-conscious in our skimpy leotards. The class will just be a bit of fun and for women of all levels so we hope we’ll see you there!

Event details:

Date: Saturday, 21st November

Time: 11am – 12:30pm

Location: Old Brompton Gallery, 238 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 0DE (Nearest tube: Earl’s Court)

Description: An open level adult ballet class taught by Karis Scarlette, a former dancer with the Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and English National Ballet. A 60 minute class will be followed by nibbles, bubbly and the chance to shop the new Bella Kinesis collection. All levels welcome! 

Price: £20

Tickets available via link:

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Love, Roshni Assomull

Contributor, SERENE Social


Roshni AssomullAbout Roshni Assomull

Roshni Assomull is the founder of Bella Kinesis, a ethical women’s sportswear brand. Having worked the long hours of investment banking, Roshni turned to yoga to improve her health, which led her to start her company that creates workout clothes for a range of body shapes. The brand also works to empower women in India by donating a portion of their profits to fund women’s business education in local villages.

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