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Yesterday I went to the doctors office for just some routine things (don’t worry) and I was told when I walked in the door that I would have a 1 hour wait, at least, for my appointment. This is just what everyone wants to hear when they walk into an acetic room full of sniffling people. We have you! You are our hostage for at least an hour of this beautiful day!

There are two options of recourse in this scenario: Get angry and cause a scene, or go an sit down and flip through facebook and instagram for 60 minutes. I took a breath and took my seat. After flipping through said social media applications on my iPhone, I realized that I was just getting wound up by the incessant wiggling of my thumb across the screen. I put my iPhone in my purse, and I did something that I haven’t ever done in a waiting room before.

I sat up straight, put my hands on my thighs with my palms up (and my purse strapped safely to my neck) and began to meditate.

I began to slow down my breathing. In and out, heart rate steadily slowing to a resting rate. I began to do a mental body scan beginning with my fingers. You know the drill. Relax your fingers. Relax your wrists. Relax your lower arms. Your elbows. Your triceps and biceps. Your shoulders. All the way to your toes.

Then I began to quiet my mind. Allowing thoughts to move past. Trying to not hear the words to the top 40 pop station playing over the office speakers. Allowing emotions to roll over me as water over the rocks in a river. Practicing non-attachment with my ego.

And suddenly I heard my name. It was my turn. An hour passed somehow in what seemed like the blink of an eye. And I was truly chilled out rather than in the panic I found myself in when I arrived at the office. I moseyed into the clinicians room in a meditative daze and smiled at my nurse with a genuine smile.

Meditation and Yoga will save the world. And your sanity.

Love, Tegan Bukowski

Co-Founder, SERENE


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Tegan is a vinyasa yoga teacher, architect and product designer, insatiable traveler, and co-founder of SERENE.

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