The month begins with Mercury still in retrograde. If you read my last post, you may recall that in the language of astrology, Mercury refers to mindset, communication and travel. When Mercury appears to move backwards in sky, it suggests an opportunity to review your progress over the past few months.

What have you been doing since September 17th to review, retreat, reorganize and reconnect? Are you taking time to slow down and FOCUS before you hit “send”? Have you experienced any technical glitches and/or communication snafus? I can’t help but think of Judson McMillan, who until September 29th was the Majority Floor Leader of the Indiana House of Representatives…until a sexually explicit video of himself and someone who was not his wife was accidentally sent to everyone in his email contact list. Oops.

Mercury will turn direct on October 9th. Until then, continue researching, relaxing, revisiting…just about anything with a “re” is an appropriate activity now. Between October 10th and October 23rd, as we adjust to Mercury moving forward again, we may find that initiatives sparked during the retrograde period may not seem so fabulous. Take it in stride and be proud that you took the time to clean out your closets in preparation for fall.

Planetary patterns during the week of October 4th suggest volatility and no small amount of pixie-dust. If you were born around the 26th of February or September, you may be feeling especially provoked or assertive. Same if you were born around the 6th through the 10th of April, July, October and January. Consult your local astrologer for details.

On October 8th, Venus leaves regal Leo for discerning Virgo. In the language of astrology, Venus refers to social expression and what we value. It also refers to women, aesthetics and money.

If you were born with the Sun in Virgo or have other key Virgo planets or points in your horoscope, you may experience more than the usual bookings on your dance card, as others are more likely to find your company delightful. If you were born in the first half of Virgo, you have Mars, planet of action and Jupiter, planet of expansion in your court, too. If you’ve been waiting for an energetic boost, here it is!

On October 12th, we’ll have a New Moon in Libra. A New Moon is an opportunity to re-set intentions and plant seeds for the next lunar cycle. Libra refers to relationships, fairness and balance. Would it surprise you to learn that Fox News, whose slogan is “Fair and Balanced,” was launched when the Sun was in Libra? Coincidence or conspiracy?

Planetary patterns in the chart for the New Moon suggest relationship concerns will be challenged by a greater need for freedom and independence. If you were born around the 12th of April or October, you are likely to feel a need for a disruption of the relationship status quo more than most.

On October 23rd, the Sun enters Scorpio, and all of the other Sun Signs will run screaming down the hall. Not that this would faze your typical Scorpio, who is a mistress of passion, depth and control. Scorpio demands substance; none of that airy-fairy-rational debate that Libra does so well. Scorpios “build all the way up to Heaven…and all the way down to Hell,” wrote astrologer Linda Goodman. “That’s what makes them so interesting.” Indeed.

This year Scorpios have much to celebrate. That’s because Saturn finally left Scorpio, where it had been for much of the past three years. On September 17th, Saturn entered Sagittarius, where it will be until January 2018. What does this suggest?

In the language of astrology, Saturn refers to necessary controls, ambition, advance, limitation, structure, discipline. It refers to karma, debt, fear and patriarchy. So if you are a Scorpio, congratulations. At some point during the past three years, you experienced Saturn sitting right on top of your Scorpio Sun, challenging you to get streamlined and disciplined. What cuts did you make? What ambitions did you launch?

Now it’s Sagittarius who gets to feel the Saturn squeeze. If you were born in the first ten days of Sagittarius, your squeeze is scheduled now through the end of this year. For those born in the first four days of Sagittarius, you may feel like you’re getting a replay of a squeeze you felt in the first six months of 2015. This applies if you have a Sagittarius Moon, Midheaven or Ascendant, too. Do you know what your Moon, Midheaven and Ascendant are? It’s important! Early Geminis, Virgos and Pisces: you are also experiencing Saturn’s “fish or cut bait” push. But wait, there’s more…

For those born between December 1985 and December 1988, you were likely born with Saturn in Sagittarius. You’re about to embark on your first Saturn return. This is a critical time in your life, rich with developmental potential.

Saturn transits can push you to act on your ambition. They can also be experienced as limiting or lonely. Be brave enough to ask for support if you need it. You are worth it. A consultation with an astrologer can help you put your place in the cycles of life into a healthy, empowering perspective.

Love, Elisabeth Grace

Contributor, SERENE Social


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Now Elisabeth is a certified professional astrologer, consulting with clients all over the world. She has presented talks in New York and Tokyo, and would be delighted to talk to you. Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding why you are the way you are, and why things happen when they do.

Because of her work in news, Elisabeth noticed an uncanny synchronicity between planetary patterns and what we see in the headlines. She shares her insights in a daily astrological forecast posted on her website,



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