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The past week has seen multiple energetic movements in nature. These are energies that have the potential to positively influence us so that we can realize our inner dreams and consciously manifest them into our lives. There are a growing number of people that are tuning in, but with the backdrop of continuous grey noise around a society that is run by fear it becomes harder to take time out and listen.

The autumn equinox naturally brought about a moment of stillness when the energetic vortexes between the summer and autumn changed direction. It was a moment of stillness, a time for us to stop and listen. The Serene Social yoga class on the Hotel Megaro roof top that morning encouraged presence and powered us up to realize how important every moment is. As we enter autumn there is a movement from the external expansiveness of summer to internal awareness and insight that autumn encourages.

The combined energies from the equinox and the Blood Lunar Eclipse were important moments in the astrological calendar. We will not see another series of eclipses like it again until 2033, the previous being in 1967. As we turn inwards and settle in for the long nights ahead we have a chance to acknowledge what we have been through and discard that which no longer serves us. The Blood moon eclipse energies are also about opening new doorways and manifesting what we want with an open heart, trusting that we are on the correct path.

As we turn inwards and settle in for the long nights ahead we have a chance to acknowledge what we have been through and discard that which no longer serves us.

To be able to listen to our innate wisdom, a wisdom that resides in all of us, we need to take time to listen. Time is a precious commodity, one that seems scarce in a city. The incredible pressure that one feels when living in the city to continually improve, change and contort oneself into a perfected human being is often overpowering. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself but let’s do it correctly, in balance and in tune with our body and mind so that we stay healthy.

In the city Yang is the prevailing energy, yang energy relates to movement, change and action. Sadly the fashion for fast yoga in London only fuels peoples Yang imbalance and it becomes increasingly hard to slow down. Only last week one of my students, through her tears thanked me for allowing her to see the speed her life was moving at. This is the beauty of a mindful practice. It was the power of the movement with the breath that allowed her body to speak to her and she was open to listening. She was so tired her body couldn’t fight it anymore, so she knew she had to slow down. Our precious finely tuned bodies cannot be pushed hard all the time, we need time for self care.

Having taught for 10 years in many places around the world London is my biggest challenge, a place where it is difficult to find stillness, serenity and acceptance. My sanity resides in my practice, which is not one of speed. I choose to allow my body to open as it needs to each day, letting go and surrendering. So much of our life is about doing and achieving, a goal driven life, I believe our practice should be about undoing and unspiraling emotions and tensions we hold within us. When we can undo we settle, and then we find comfort and acceptance. Following the rhythm of the breath creates deep openings and when we open in asana this way, we go deeper than any desire can take you, deeper than any amount of ego can take you and deeper than any amount of pulling or pushing can take you. It is about giving yourself time to listening to your body, having a sense of inquiry into your body and then working with your body in such a way that you dive deeper into your open being and hear your inner wisdom.

The time is now, time to feel, time to be. Time to fully live in each moment, to touch life deeply. The magic is inside you, it’s inside all of us if you give yourself enough time for it to shine through and then have the courage and trust to step into your future, consciously and choosing your path.

“The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our lives and our relationships.” TKV Desikachar


Love, Davina

SERENE London Team, SERENE Social


About Davina
Davina has been working in the Health and Wellness industry for over fifteen years and has been teaching Yoga for ten years. Davina’s classes encourage you to come home into the body using the beauty of combining the breath with movement and mindfulness with stillness. Having taught and lived in India, Italy and Ibiza Davina has now moved back to London bringing with her a wide experience and knowledge of alternative therapies, diet and nutrition and wholesome living. She teaches regular weekly group and private classes in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pre and Post Natal yoga throughout central London. She is also the founder of GlamRaw.

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