Ruth Dronfield talks Cooking with Seaweed

Firstly, choose your seaweed carefully. Not all seaweeds are created equal and some are far more delicious and easy to cook than others – like Dulse, Sea Spaghetti and Wakame.

Secondly always go for a reputable brand, ideally organically certified.

Thirdly, experiment! Seaweeds all have wonderful savoury flavour-enhancing properties so taste good with pretty much everything (savoury at least, although toasted Dulse also tastes excellent with chocolate).

Ruth Dronfield talks Cooking with Seaweed

Dulse crisps – an easy win
Great for a dinner party nibble and for crunching over eggs.
– Heat up a dry frying pan till it’s very hot. Lay Dulse leaves in the pan and keep a careful eye on them – they will begin to turn green after 90 seconds or so, at this point take them out of the pan. Let them cool then crunch away!

Sea Spaghetti – nutrients you hardly notice
As easy and comforting as a duvet day, Sea Spaghetti is your new best friend in the kitchen. Boil in a pan for 15 minutes and add to any pasta dish either alongside of as well as traditional or spelt pasta. Try our Land & Sea Spaghetti with Anchovy, Lemon and Chilli for a dish that will leave your family licking their plates!

Wakame – the leaf with more
This leaf tastes like spinach and has ten times more calcium than milk. Just put in warm water and allow to hydrate for a few minutes, then drain and throw into a salad or smoothie with a vinaigrette. Delicious with carrots, peppers and nuts, experiment with our Crunchy Wakame Salad on our website here:


Love, Ruth Dronfield

Contributor, SERENE Social


Ruth DronfieldAbout Ruth
Atlantic Kitchen is headed up by Ruth Dronfield, who moved into food entrepreneurship after a friend approached her with the idea when she was working as a private events manager in London. Inspired by a childhood rooted in whole and fresh foods she took to the idea like a duck to water, and has been swimming ever since!

Atlantic Kitchen range of fresh Bowls are an easy way to dive into the deliciousness of seaweeds, each has a different seaweed from our dried range and a kelp stock base for extra nutrients and flavour. The range is Beetroot & Chickpea with Wakame Seaweed, Spicy Fish of the Day with Dulse Seaweed and Super Greens with Sea Spaghetti Seaweed.

Experiment wildly and enjoy!



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