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Valerie Oula is a kundalini yoga teacher, candle maker, reiki master teacher, and all around beautiful soul. The beauty in knowing/taking one of her classes is her no-nonsense, to-the-point wisdom. Her transparency invites you to really open up, and from there you gain so much. Last Sunday evening, after class at the Broome, we sat down with Valerie to learn more about the woman who leads our weekly Kundalini yoga class.

How do you express ​yourself ​authentically?
For me it’s been a natural progression​,​ it​’s​ a​ ​part of the wo​rk​ that I’ve had to do with myself. To really come into alignment with my inner and outer world. The last couple of years it (casting) felt difficult and hard… There was something off. When I was finishing my ​K​undalini teacher training​​one of my main clients started to cut back on the work… And ​I thought, ​”what I’m going to be a kundalini yoga teacher?​”​ It was almost like ​a ​rug ​was pulled ​from under my feet.

It also helps to have s spiritual name. I had my spiritual name ​given to me, its​ ​S​aranjeet​,​ which means sanctuary​,​ protected​ and victory through God. That was one of the things that helped make my path clearer when I was meant to hear it! When I got my spiritual name I read the description and I couldn’t really grasp it. For the longest time I couldn’t remember it. And then a only a few months ago… My teacher said ​your ​spiritual name is your dharma. When I went to go re-read it​,​ it said the best way for me to serve is to be a clear channel for the divine light in order to serve others and by doing so serving my self. And it​ just​ all clicked.

How can people bridge the gap between the everyday world and the spiritual.
Be authentic. When I first started I was like “why can’t I say things really deep?” and I remember​​ I had a student say to me “you know what​,​ you are authentic and people can feel that.” So ​I say, ​don’t try to make eloquent speeches or regurgitating things you read. Just be authentic. Just keep it simple. Until I get that huge download, I just keep it simple. It’s really in your being.

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