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For some reason, when people see a kind young woman they’re surprised to find that she’s a force to be reckoned with; that beyond the mild-mannered exterior resides powerful rivers of living water. Perhaps they don’t realize that power is like love in that it is patient, and kind, and does not boast. Speaking with WTF Digital founder Natasha Garoosi there’s something present that lets you know there are entire oceans just beyond her warm smile and sincere energy.

Raised by a Chinese mother born in Columbia, and an Italian and Persian father, Natasha’s magazine reflects the diversity of her upbringing. It doesn’t fit into any of the prescribed genres New York City start-ups sometimes fall into. In WTF  you find beautifully crafted pieces that engage audiences in more than one dimension. In the land, and age, of creation, where everyone is building a brand, WTF Digital emanates staying power. Yesterday at the SERENE NYFW Pop-up Wellness Lounge, our founder Millana Snow sat down with Natasha for an impromptu Q & A.

Millana Snow and Fiona Thompson: Natasha, how do you feel you represent yourself authentically?

My actions, my relationship… Even a snap of a photo that I choose to take throughout the day.

MS+FT: How do you keep yourself grounded without comparing yourself?

I think it’s about communicating yourself as raw as you can. Keep yourself around people that don’t compete. Everyone I know is very supportive of each other, I think that eliminates that. People that aren’t happy for you f them!

MS+FT: Three words that describe you?


Thanks for chatting with us, Natasha!

Love, Millana and Fiona



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Fiona and Millana

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Millana is a Reiki healer, model, tv host, and vegan. You can catch her hanging out in NoHo and Meat Packing in Manhattan or on Rose in Venice Beach.

Fiona is the New York Lead for SERENE, a writer, social butterfly, and naturally inquisitive about most things. If you meet her, mention God, Harry Potter or Amy Winehouse and you’ll be lifelong friends.


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