Today, I want you to take a moment to think about how you’re living your life. Do you spend more time escaping from your life or creating it? Do you always come up with reasons why it’s not the right time to go after certain opportunities? Do most of your actions remove you from the present moment because of how unhappy you are? Maybe it’s getting lost in TV shows, movies, vacations, food, alcohol, daydreaming, making excuses for why you can’t do all the things you want to be doing…

Or do you spend more of your time taking action, discovering the resources and opportunities available to you, putting one foot in front of the other and taking risks to create the life you truly want to be living? One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this year is you can either ESCAPE from the life you have or CREATE the life you want

About 6 months ago, I began planning a trip to India to visit my sister and her husband. At the time, I was still working full-time at my job in advertising while running my own business. It was exhausting to say the least. Every day, I would pray for that perfect storm of success and opportunities that would allow me to leave my advertising job, focus full time on the career I was truly passionate about and book a one-way ticket to visit my sister…the ultimate symbol that I had made it.

That one-way ticket represented the life I wanted…being my own boss, creating my own hours, working from wherever I wanted and being able to take whatever opportunities came my way without having to worry if I had enough time or money to do it. Well I did eventually book my flight, but it wasn’t the one-way ticket I had been dreaming of because my “perfect storm” hadn’t rolled in yet. And then, a month before I was set to leave, I experienced some divine intervention.

I was let go from my job. I had been waiting and waiting for that “perfect” moment to leave, but what I was actually doing was staying in that uncomfortable comfort zone, watching the opportunities to step into the life I wanted pass me by, and denying the control I truly had over the direction my life was heading. I so desperately wanted to live a life that I wasn’t allowing myself to live because I was too afraid of the uncertainty ahead. However, in all the uncertainty, there are infinite possibilities

I wasn’t brave enough to take the leap and leave my job (even though it was sucking the life out of me and my intuition was telling me that I shouldn’t have been there.) It was never the “right time” and I found all the excuses in the world to back me up.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: There is always a right time to honor your happiness and desires…it’s called NOW. Stop waiting for life to give you permission to live! Luckily, the Universe had a better plan of action for me. It gave me a swift kick in the butt, told me to stop playing it safe and start owning my power. And it finally occurred to me that I could either create the life I wanted or continue to have it created for me.

When I got let go from my job, I felt that sense of freedom I had been craving! A feeling I thought would only come when I had a certain amount of money in the bank and a one-way ticket in my hand. And despite all of the uncertainty ahead, instead of fear, I felt a calming reassurance that I was finally on the path leading me in the right direction, and that told me that everything was going to be OK. I learned you don’t have to wait for the perfect moment, because the perfect moment is waiting for you.

As I exited the doors of that office building, I stepped into the life that just moments before felt like a distant dream. I now had the opportunity to change that round-trip ticket into a one-way…but I didn’t. Six months ago, that one-way ticket stood for a symbol of success, but really the only thing that ticket was symbolizing was my lack of courage to leave my job when I knew I should have. By waiting for that right moment to book my one-way ticket, I was letting go of all control over my life.

I also desperately wanted to escape to a place where I didn’t have to think about my insecurities, challenges and unhappiness. I mean isn’t that the reason most of us book vacations? To escape from our lives?

IMPORTANT TIP: You can keep running from your life and your problems, they will always eventually catch up with you. So continue escaping or begin creating.

Although I had some divine intervention step in to help me along, I decided not to book the one-way ticket that I could have because I didn’t have a desire to run from my life anymore. Very quickly after I was let go, everything began falling into place. Once I honored where I was supposed to be, I was less stressed, happier, more inspired and more motivated. As a result, my business grew, opportunities began coming to me and I felt more in the flow than I ever had.

In the end, what I learned is that you can book a one-way ticket towards the life you desire anytime you want to. The right time doesn’t come to you. You create it.

One of the biggest myths about life is that you are not in control of it. Well it’s time to wear your crown, gorgeous, because you’re the ruler of your kingdom…own it! Here are a few important tips to help you book your one-way ticket to the life you want:

1. Instead of focusing your energy on those isolated pockets of time where you can escape your life, write down a few ways you can begin creating more fulfillment, pleasure and happiness into your daily life and take action!

2. Create time each day to meditate or sit in silence to observe your thoughts, feelings and desires. Allow yourself to really connect with and identify where your energy is pulling you.

3. Have the courage to honor where your intuition is leading you and trust that if you are where you’re supposed to be, everything will work out, because you are in the flow of life, not fighting against it.

3. Have faith that in all the uncertainty are endless amazing opportunities, and that where you will be the most fulfilled, successful and safe is where the Universe will help guide you.

Love, Tina Paymaster

Contributor, SERENE Social


Tina PaymasterAbout Tina Paymaster

Tina Paymaster is a Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach and EFT Practitioner who helps her clients break through the self-defeating beliefs and behaviors keeping them from experiencing the health and happiness they desire. Tina’s work focuses on healing the mind, body and soul through nutrition, meditation, EFT and various other practices. Her mission is to inspire others around the world to reconnect to their true selves, reclaim their health and happiness, stop settling and start living.
Tina has been featured on Shape, MindBodyGreen, SheKnows and Elephant Journal. She currently works with private clients around the country and and hosts live speaking events and workshops. You can learn more about Tina at www.tinapaymaster.com


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