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What are the best mists for a daily pick-me-up?

Funny you should ask! Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with misting myself with all kinds of flower essence/crystal/energy infused water. My boyfriend finds it quite amusing when I spritz myself (and surrounding area) throughout the day—when I wake up in the morning, before I leave the house and while working on my computer. I believe my favorite mists have many magical powers. They can help you relax, boost your energy, transform your mood and last but not least, they beautify and hydrate your skin! There are so many wonderful mists to choose from, depending on what you need at the moment. Here are a few that I like to keep close at hand:

Lotus Wei Pure Energy Mist

This is my go-to when I’m spending lots of time on the computer. Energy Mist contains essential oils of grapefruit, cinnamon and coffee, so the scent itself is refreshing. The flower essence of yarrow helps with fatigue from computer and cell phone use, while pink lotus offers wisdom and insight. I recommend ordering the Mini Mist Collection so you can carry the Energy Mist (or another of the 5 “moods”) with you wherever you go!


Beauty Water by Jenise Parris

I was fortunate to receive the Yin Essence at Feed, Nourish, Beautify, an event I co-hosted with founder Jenise Parris. It has instantly become a new favorite for me. Created using artesian spring water and infused with essential oils of clary sage, geranium and lavender, Yin Essence is serenity in a bottle. It’s perfect for those stressful moments– the healing mist helps to calm and rebalance your energy with just a spritz and a deep breath…or two.


Jane Iredale’s Smell the Roses Hydration Spray

If you are a fan of roses, you will love Smell the Roses as much as I do. I like to use it as part of my morning beauty ritual because of its sweet aromatherapy and the skincare benefits. Rosewater is a natural mood enhancer, which is especially helpful if you’re not a morning person. For the skin, it helps calm inflammation and redness, tightens pores and so much more. This makes it a great way to prep your skin for the day or soothe it at night. Lastly, Jane Iredale donates 100% of profits from the sale of this product to Living Beyond Breast Cancer.



Fall is the perfect time to transition your beauty routine. I would love to work with you one-on-one in my signature “Green Your Beauty Routine” makeup workshop. You will learn all about the best natural skincare and makeup and how to use them in a way that complements your unique beauty and style.

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Love, Rebecca Casciano

Contributor, SERENE Social


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Rebecca Casciano is a green beauty expert, makeup artist, and holistic wellness coach whose work embodies her beliefs. “When you feel good, you look even better,” is a conviction Rebecca lives by and aims for in her work. She combines many years of experience in the fashion industry, a wellness coaching certification, and her own personal journey to help women feel beautiful from the inside out. Rebecca advocates clean eating as an integral part of her philosophy and offers one on one coaching and workshops.

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