I happened upon Huna Blends in my work for SERENE Social. I took a trip down to Pump in Shoreditch to see what they are all about! (Pump, 168-175, Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU.)

As soon as I walked up to the Huna Blends stand, I knew that something new was happening. Armed with just a few blenders and an array of more superfoods than I have ever seen in one place, owner and founder Stephen W Parsons (also an award winning music producer and band member of the Sharks) is dishing up these sorbet masterpieces that he is simply calling “chill bowls”. Having no idea what I was in for, I ordered The Roof Garden (Apple, Beetroot, Leaf Spinach, Peach, Mediterranean Lavender, Hemp Milk, Spirulina).

The Chill Bowls are essentially a superfood granita that you eat with a spoon. My Roof Garden was made with all of the ingredients above with a special Kale Pumpkin Goji Sunflower topping both mixed in and on top. Seriously, I don’t think it is possible to fit more healthy tidbits into one single amazing tasting bowl together. The fruit is flash frozen when ripe, meaning that the flavors are as fresh as possible.

Stephen first discovered these bowls when he lived in California. The way he tells it, he was on Huntington Beach at Christmastime, listening to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and eating one of these frozen superfood granita bowls prepared by a surfer dude from a little stand near the beach. After his first bite, he thought to himself “This is too bizarre, I have to do this.” And there you have it. Chill bowls come to London.

The most incredible thing about trying one of these bowls is that it is something so bizarre and novel that you will leave thinking that you have really truly tried something new in a world where we are fed the same things over and over again in slightly different forms.

Stephen and his team are still in the midst of really getting their business set up, this pop up is brand new. Give them some love and head down to Pump (they are in the center of the space and the curved counter.)

Love, Tegan Bukowski

Co-Founder, SERENE


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Tegan is a vinyasa yoga teacher, architect and product designer, insatiable traveler, and co-founder of SERENE.

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